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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 26

Grubstake to Grocery Store: Supplying the Klondike, 1897-1907

by Margaret Archibald


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MG29, C4, Joseph-Charles Dube, "Voyage to Klondike," 1895.
MG29, C6, Ella Hall, "Trip to the Klondike.
MG29, C19, Alden R. Smith letterbook.
MG29, C20, John G. McJury diary, 1898-99.
MG29, C24, Charles Mosier diary, 1898-99.
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Bird's eye view of Dawson, Yukon Territory, 1903.

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Semi-weekly and daily editions, 1898-1903.

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Saturday Night

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United States. Laws, Statutes, etc.

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University of Washington, Seattle

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Yukon Via Prince Albert

N.p., Prince Albert, Sask., 1898.

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