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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 26

Grubstake to Grocery Store: Supplying the Klondike, 1897-1907

by Margaret Archibald

Appendix A. Lists of Supply Firms.

This appendix lists, by location, supply firms which were known as outfitters (or at least advertised as such) for the Klondike trade in 1897-98. These lists are, unfortunately, not comprehensive, especially in the case of Seattle for which newspaper sources are not as readily available as they are for Canadian cities. Information has generally been gleaned from newspapers, guides to the Klondike and from personal accounts of outfitting experiences on the west coast. From these sources it is impossible to determine either the relative successes of the firms mentioned or the honesty and wisdom of their service to the Klondiker. In the instances of the Hudson's Bay Company, Oppenheimer Brothers (Vancouver), Fischer Brothers (Seattle), and R.P. Rithet and Company (Victoria), mere repetition of references leads one to infer a proportionate popularity. For others, such as McLennan, McFeely and Company, Thomas Dunn and Company and Kelly Douglas and Company, all of Vancouver, an active supply trade maintained with Dawson City is a sure indication of groundwork carefully laid.


Groceries and General Outfits

Augustine and Kyergrocers

Coffin Brothersoutfitters

Fischer Brotherswholesale groceries

Frank and Wayfoods broker

Lilly Bogardus and Companywholesale grain and foods

Murphy Grant and Companyoutfitters

Schwabacher Brothers and Companywholesale groceries

Seattle Grocery Companywholesale groceries

Seattle Trading Companywholesale groceries

Sprague, Warner and Companygroceries

Winship Brotherswholesale groceries

Hardware, Tools and Miners' Supplies

Felitz Brothers Tent and Awning Companytent and awning

Golden Rule Bazaar Companybar and hotel fittings

Gordon Hardware Companyhardware

Hardy Hall Arms Comopanyfirearms

Mitchell, Lewis and Stayer Companymining machinery

Seattle Hardware Companyhardware

Dry Goods and Other Specialties

Red Front Furnishingsclothing

Steward and Holmesdrugs

Washington Shoe Manufacturing Companyfootwear


Groceries and General Outfits

Brackman and Ker Milling Companygrains and feeds

Braid and Companywholesale groceries

Thomas Earlewholesale groceries

T. Eaton Companygeneral outfits

Erskine Wall and Companygroceries

Fell and Companygroceries

Hall Ross and Companyflour

Hardress Clarkegroceries, tea

Hudson's Bay Companygeneral outfits

Simon Leiser and Companywholesale groceries

Martin and Robertsonconcentrated foods

Okell and Morris Fruit Preserving Companyprepared foods

R.P. Rithet and Companywholesale groceries

Dixi H. Rossgroceries

M.R. Smith and Companybiscuit manufacturers

Turner, Beeton and Companywholesale groceries, general outfits

Watson and Hallgroceries

Wilson Brotherswholesale groceries

Hardware, Tools and Miners' Supplies

Albion Iron Workssheet iron stoves

Capital Planing Millsboats

Hercules Gas Engine Worksengines (for boats)

Hickman Tye Hardwarehardware

Lemon, Gonnason and CompanyYukon boats

E.G. Prior and Companytools and hardware

E.J. Saunderssleds and harnesses

Spratt and MacaulayYukon canoes

M.J. Wiatt and CompanyKlondike safes

Weller Brotherswholesale, retail furnishings and utensils

Dry Goods and Other Specialties

Alaska Sail Loft and Tent Factorycanvas goods

Cameronretail clothing

John Cochranemedical outfits

A.B. Erskineboots

Gilmore and McCandlessmining supplies, dry goods

Hall and Companymedical outfits

Arthur Holmesdry goods

F. Jeune and Brotherscanvas goods

Langley and Henderson Brothers
(Henderson Brothers after Jan. 1898)
drugs, wholesale

Lenz and Leiserdry goods


George H. Maynardsfootwear

E.A. Morristobacconist

Oak Hallclothing

J. Piercy and Companywholesale dry goods

Sam Reid'sclothing

Thomas Shotboltdrugs

Thomas Brothers and Grantclothing

The Westsidedry goods, blankets

B. Williams and Companydry goods

W. and J. Wilsonclothing


Groceries and Other Outfits
Brackman and Ker Milling Companygrains and feeds

William Braid and Companywholesale groceries

Dominion Grocerygroceries

Findlay and Companydried foods

Hobson and Ingramgroceries and provisions

Hudson's Bay Companygeneral outfitters

Kelly Douglas and Companywholesale groceries

W.H. Malkin and Companywholesale groceries and provisions

Langley and Henderson Brothers
(Henderson Brothers after Jan. 1898)
drugs, wholesale

Martin and Robertsonconcentrated foods

McMillan and Hamiltonwholesale groceries

Oppenheimer Brotherswholesale groceries

Page Ponsford Brothersoutfits

Webster Brothersgroceries

Weeks and Robsongroceries, provisions

Woodward's Department Storeoutfits

Hardware, Tools and Miners' Supplies

Thomas Dunn and Companywholesale hardware

A. Godfreyhardware

McClary Manufacturing Companyfolding stoves

McLennan, McFeely and Companywholesale hardware

E.G. Prior and Companytools and hardware

Dry Goods and Other Specialties

Bailey Brothers Companybooks and maps

Robert ClarkKlondike clothing

Clubb and Stewartoutfits, clothing

C.F. Foremanboots

S. Greenshields, Son and Companydry goods

Johnston, Kerfoot and CompanyKlondike goods

J.A. PykeKlondike boots

Wilzinski Opticaloptical supplies

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