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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 26

Grubstake to Grocery Store: Supplying the Klondike, 1897-1907

by Margaret Archibald




Introduction: The Entrepreneur

The Artery: Yukon River Trade before 1896

The Great Outfitting Rush, 1897-98

Swamp to Boom Town: Dawson from 1896 to 1898

The Hinterland Market

"Metropolitan Airs" — Dawson from 1899 to 1903

Mercantile Mosaic: The Men and their Methods

Satisfying the Sourdough Appetite

Conclusion: The Well-Appointed Ghost Town

Appendix A. Lists of Supply Firms.

Appendix B. Brand Names of Commodities.

Appendix C. Origins of Dawson Merchants and Companies.

Appendix D. White Pass and Yukon Railway Freight Rates and Comparison with Canadian Pacific Railway Freight Rates, 1910.

Appendix E. Employees, Dawson Firms, 1901-03.

Appendix F. Wholesale Firms in Dawson, 1898-1903.

Appendix G. Categories of Merchants in Dawson, 1901-06.

Appendix H. Categories of Merchants in Bonanza, 1901-06.

Appendix I. Some Commodities Sold by the North American Transportation and Trading Company, November 1901.

Appendix J. Retail Prices, Dawson, 1897-1907.

Appendix K. Dawson Grocers, and Companies with Grocery Departments, 1901-06.

Appendix L. McDougall and Secord Outfit List.



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