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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 26

Grubstake to Grocery Store: Supplying the Klondike, 1897-1907

by Margaret Archibald

Appendix B. Brand Names ot Commodities.

This appendix lists the brand names of commodities that appeared, or probably appeared, in Dawson City from 1897 to 1907. The date beside each item records one date when that item was known to exist either in Dawson or as part of a Klondike-bound outfit. This does not necessarily represent the article's first appearance in Yukon warehouses.

The majority of references have come from the Dawson Daily News and the Klondike Nugget, but a number of other sources1 have each given rise to one or two brand names. Artifacts in the Dawson Museum, the Dawson Hardware Company Museum and the McBride Museum in Whitehorse have added several brand names to the list (especially in tobaccos), names which are understandably undated in this appendix, since the exhibits did not give this information. Photographs from the Public Archives of Canada were extremely helpful, but names gathered in this way are apt to be misspelled and the description of the article is likely to be less than complete. A sizable proportion of the articles, which are registered as having appeared at the time of the initial rush, were recorded in advertisements in guidebooks such as William Ogilvie's Klondike Official Guide and the Alaska Commercial Company's To the Klondike Gold Fields as well as in newspapers published in the centres of Klondike outfitting; that is, newspapers like the Vancouver World and the Victoria Daily Colonist. In many cases the goods so advertised cannot be traced with any certainty to an ultimate Klondike destination. Nevertheless, our premise is that a sufficient quantity of these goods did, in all probability, reach the Klondike to warrant their inclusion in this appendix.

The range of brand-name grocery products which probably found their way to Dawson shelves has been increased by the use of additional subsections which include goods advertised at the time in the Canadian Grocer. This trade magazine has been consulted as the major source of advertising for Canadian and imported food products in the period. Whether or not these foods were ever sent down the Yukon River, their inclusion in this appendix makes sense from a contextual point of view. In cases where goods were advertised both in Dawson newspapers and in the Canadian Grocer, they have been listed only once, in the Dawson section.

Italics have been used to designate registered trade-marks (under the Trade Marks and Design Act of 1879, as found in the Trade Marks Registry) as well as common appellations which had the force of trade marks in the mind of the buying public. Unfortunately, since the registration of trade marks was not compulsory, it is not always possible to make the distinction between a company's name and that of its product. Similar problems exist in trying to distinguish between manufacturer and distributor. These problems have given rise to some apparent inconsistencies in the lists.

The following symbols have been used to describe or qualify the items listed below:

* Advertised or sold in a known outfitting centre as part of a Klondike outfit, 1897-98.

† Appearing initially as part of an outfit, but later advertised or mentioned as stock on the Dawson market.

‡ Advertised or sold as a luxury item.

§ Information derived from photographs.

? Label or package found undated in one of the Yukon museums.

Brand, Company or Agent Description Reference
Meats and Fish

*† Bovril, Bovril (Montreal and London, U.K.) extract of beef, extract of meat, concentrated essence of meat1898

*Johnson'sfluid beef1898

*Vimbo Fluid Beef Company (London, U.K.)fluid beef1898

§*† Cudahy Canning Company (Chicago)canned lunch beef1898

*Lozenby and Son (London, U.K.)soup squares1898

*Maggi, Maggi Company (Kempttal, Switzerland)bouillon1898

Armour and Company (Chicago)canned ham, bacon1902

Baratariadried shrimps1902


Ready Lunch Beefcanned lunch meat

William Clark (Montreal)tongue, pork and beans1902

Davies'canned roast mutton1906

Libby, McNeill and Libby (Chicago)canned meats1902

Rexhams, bacon, canned meats, pork and beans1900

Fidelity, T.M. Sinclair Packing Company (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)ham, bacon, lard1902

1888hams, bacon1900

Winchester, Swifts'sgelatinized hams and bacon1902

§Snider's, T.A. Snider Preserve Company (Cincinnati)pork and beans1909

Maple Leafsausage1905



Blue Pointsoysters1899

Booth, Booth Fisheries (Chicago)oysters1905

Saddle Rockoysters1901

Eaglefresh oysters1903

Morganeastern oysters1905

Puget Sound Small Olympicoysters1905


Lochfynekippered herring1900

AverbachGerman truffled liver1907

R & Rcurried fowl1907

‡Teyt'spurée de fois gras1907

B.B.domestic tripe à la mode1907

Puritycrab meat1907

Fleur de lispurée de fois gras1907



Meats and Fish advertised in the Canadian Grocer, 1898-1905

Aylmercanned meats

Black Brothers and CompanyAtlantic cod

Cloverleaf, Sovereign, Lynx, Anglo B.C. Packing Companysalmon

Maple Leaf, Horse Shoe, Nimpkish, Griffin, Sunset, Lowe Inlet, Eagle, Golden Net, Harlock, Empress, British Columbia Packers Association (Vancouver)salmon




Fruits and Vegetables

*Hudson's Bay CompanyCalifornia dried fruits and vegetables1897

*Gold Medal, Okell and Morris Fruit Preserving Company (Victoria)evaporated vegetables, preserves, peels1898

*L. Rose and Company (Albans, U.K.)lime juice1897

*Ames' Vegetable Pemmicancanned vegetables (evaporated)1898

*†Lion, W. Boulter and Sons, (Picton, Ont.)canned corn1898

*California Preserve Companyevaporated vegetables1898

*Columbus, Ora Balboa, Cosmos, Armona, Solar, Palmetto and Eagle, Fontana and Company (San Francisco)canned fruits and vegetables1898

*†Knorr'sevaporated vegetables1898

Montserratlime fruit juice1898

Hand--Y brandevaporated fruits and vegetables1898

Gilt Edgecanned goods1902

LubeckGerman sliced potatoes (evaporated)1899

Silver Sealevaporated potatoes1902

Succotashevaporated potatoes1902

Log Cabintomatoes1902

Graham'sevaporated potatoes1905

Golden Crown, Hickmottartichoke hearts, asparagus tips1907

Golden Stateasparagus1902

Emerald Tipasparagus1902

Gaudinotharicot vert, extra fin1907

Smith's, M.R. Smith and Company (Victoria)vegetable biscuits1901

California Extra, Golden Gate Packing Company (San Jose, Cal.)canned vegetables1901

Signaturecanned peas1900

CrawfordCalifornia peaches1902

Epicureancanned fruits1902

Mission, Dwight, Edward Company (Portland, Ore.)canned fruits1901

Simcoecanned fruits1902

S & Wcanned fruits1902

Violetcanned soups1905

Franco-Americansoups, paté, chicken1900


Van Camp's, Van Camp's Packing Company (Indianapolis)macaroni, cheese and tomato1902

Bouden Islandasparagus tips1907

Amocatasparagus tips1907

Crescastuffed dates1907

D& Gcherries in marasquine1907

Pinmoneymelon and pepper mangos1907

§Diamond Mountainbrand fruit1908

Fruits and Vegetables Advertised in the Canadian Grocer, 1898-1905

Acme Dried Fruit Companyevaporated vegetables

Kerr Vegetable Evaporating Companyevaporated vegetables

Old Homestead, Old Homestead Canning Company (Picton, Ont.)canned fruits and vegetables

A.D.crystallized fruits

Aylmertomatoes, corn, peas

Lakeporttomatoes, corn, peas

Little Chieftomatoes, corn, peas

Griffindried fruits

Easterdried fruits

Loggie's Eagleblueberries

Tartan, Balfour and Company (Hamilton, Ont.)fruit and vegetables

Batger'slime juice

Cereals and Dry Baking Goods

*†Keewatin, Lake of the Woods Milling Companyflour1897

Blue Label, Ogilvieflour1899

*Hudson's Bay CompanyHungarian and strong baker's flour1897

*†Okanagan Flour Mills CompanyHungarian and strong baker's flour1897

Snowflake, D.H. Ross and Company (Victoria) agentsflour1897

*Drifted Snow, Sperry Flour Company (Salinas, Cal.)white flour1898


Quakerpancake flour1900

Capital Millscream rolled oats1902

*†Germea (San Francisco)breakfast food1898

*†Christie Brown and Company (Toronto)Klondike biscuits, cookies, graham wafers1898

*†M.R. Smith and Company (Victoria)biscuits1898

B & Koatmeal1903

Quaker oats, American Cereal Companyrolled oats1903

Wheatinesrolled oats1903

Cero-frutorolled oats1903

Carolinarice flakes1903

Malt, Wells Richardson Company (Vermont)breakfast food1903

Shredded Wheatbreakfast food and biscuits1903

Cream of Wheat, Kelly-Clarke Company (Seattle)breakfast food1903

Grape Nutsbreakfast food1903

Malta Vitabreakfast food1903

Force, "Force" Food Company (Buffalo, N.Y.)breakfast food1903

Farinabreakfast food1903

Twin Brothersbreakfast food1901

Vimbreakfast food1903

Quailkiln-dried oats1901

Ralston, Robinson-Danforth Commission Company (St. Louis, Mo.)breakfast cereal1903

Orange Meat, Frontenac Cereal Company (Kingston, Ont.)breakfast food1903

*†Aunt Jemima, Davis Milling Company (St. Louis, Mo.)pancake flour1902

Del Monteflour1902

A.J. and S.R.flour1902

Ramsaybiscuits and crackers1906

*†Magic, Imperial, E.W. Gillett and Company (Toronto, Chicago, London)baking powder1903

Yukon (a special pack of Royal), E.W. Gillett and Company (Toronto, Chicago, London)yeast1898

*†Pure Gold, Pure Gold Manufacturing Company (Toronto)baking powder1897

*†Dr Price'scream baking powder1897

*Preston and Merrill'sbaking powder1897

*Shilling'sbaking powder1897

*Cook's Friend W.D. McLaren (Montreal)baking powder1898

*Royalbaking powder1898

Clevelandbaking powder1898

Cow Brand, John Dwight and Company (New York and Montreal)baking soda1906

Minute, Whitman Grocery Company (Orange, Mass.)tapioca1903

Gold Dustgelatine1906

Cereals and Dry Baking Goods in the Canadian Grocer, 1898-1905

Natural Food Companyshredded wheat

Tillson's, Tillson Company (Tillsonburg, Ont.)breakfast food

Wheat-os, Eby, Blain Company (Toronto) agentsbreakfast food

P. McIntosh and Son (Toronto)cereals

Peak Freanbiscuits

Tartan, Balfour and Company (Hamilton, Ont.)baking powder

Ocean, Captain Ocean Mills (Montreal)baking powder

Knoxbaking powder

Dairy Products

*†Eagle,condensed milk1898
*†Peerless, Pioneer,evaporated cream1898
Sunnyside,condensed milk1905
Gail Borden (New York)

*†Reindeer,condensed milk1898
Jersey,evaporated cream1903
Truro Condensed Milk and Canning Company (Truro, N.S.)

St. Charles, St. Charles Condensing Co. (St. Charles, Ill.)evaporated cream1902

Carnation, Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company (Kent, Wash.)evaporated cream1902

Pearlcondensed milk1900

Highlandevaporated cream1902

Poppyevaporated cream1902

Victorevaporated cream1903

Standardevaporated cream1905

Western Milkcondensed milk1905

J.B. Agen's (Seattle and Tacoma, Wash.)canned creamery butter (fancy)1899

*Triumph (Seattle)butter1898

Hills Brothersvacuum packed (canned) butter1902


P. B.butter1902

Eclen Bankcanned butter1903

Bradner's Jerseycanned butter1903

Washington Creamerycanned butter1903

Canadian Creamerycanned butter1903

Canadian Government Creamerycanned butter1905

Innisfallcanned butter1905

Meadowdalecanned butter1905

Fresh Ellensburgcanned butter1905

Elgincanned butter1902

Coldbrookcanned butter1902

Gilt Edgecanned butter1902

New Westminster, B.C. Creamerycanned butter1905

*Klondike (Exeter, Ont.)canned butter1898

Wisconsin Swisscheese1906

American Twincream cheese1906


J.B. Agen'scheese1903

Ontario Twincheese1905

Imperial, A.F. McLaren Imperial Cheese Company (Toronto)cream cheese1900

Stiltoncream cheese1905

Young Americacheese1903

Red Hollandcheese1905

‡Peck'sbrie cheese1907

J.B. Agen'seggs1903

Lamont's, C. Fred Lamont (Seattle)crystallized eggs1898

Springfield Crystallized Eggs (Springfield, Mass.)crystallized eggs?

Dairy Products Advertised in the Canadian Grocer, 1898-1905

Gold Seal, Gail Bordencondensed milk

Mayflower, Truro Condensed Milk and Canning Companymilk and butter

Silver Cow, Purity St. Charles Condensing Companycondensed milk

Nestlé (Switzerland)condensed milk

Canadian, Export, Baldwin Condensed Milk Companycondensed milk

Milkmaid, Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Companycondensed milk

Owl, Dominion, Canadian Condensed Milk Companycondensed milk

Canadian Preserved Butter Company (Montreal)canned butter

Roquefort, Canadian, A.F. McLaren Imperial Cheese Companycheese

Canada, Gowan's, Kent and Companycream cheese

Millar's Paragoncream cheese

Condiments Jams and Sweets

*Red Seal, Washington Manufacturing Company (Seattle)pickles1898

*Gold Medalketchup, vinegar, sauces1897

*Sterling, T.A. Lytle and Company (Toronto)vinegar, syrups, jellies pickles, relishes1898

*Pure Gold, Pure Gold Manufacturing Company (Toronto)spices, mustard, extracts, flavouring, catsup1898


Parnell'svinegar and olives1906

H.J. Heinz (Pittsburgh, Pa.)pickles, vinegar, catsup, condiments1902

‡Dessaux Filstarragon vinegar1907

J.J. Colman (London, U.K.)mustard1909

Snider's, T.A. Snider Preserve Company (Cincinatti) valign="top"tomato catsup, soup1900

Blue Labelcatsup1905

Lea and Perrin'sWorcestershire sauce1907

Phoenixprepared mustard1903

B. P.catsup1903

D & Btable sauce1903

Durand'solive oil1906

Ojalolive oil1906



Climaxjams and jellies1906

*Cairn's Hudson's Bay ompany, agentsmarmalade1897


*†Walter Baker and Company (Dorchester, Mass.)chocolates1898

*†Fryes J.S. Frye and Company (Bristol, U.K.)cocoas and chocolates1897

Van Houten's, C.J. Van Houten, and Zoon (Weesp, The Netherlands)cocoa1907


Crosse and Blackwell'splum pudding, jams and jellies, vinegar, condiments1902

Glenwood (Marysville, Cal.)jams1902

New Eraplum pudding1902


Milka, Chocolat Suchard Société Anonymechocolate1905


Lowney's, Walter M. Lowney Company (Montreal, Boston)candy1902




Imperial, Imperial Syrup Company (Montreal)maple syrup1902

Log Cabin, Table Syrup Company (St. Paul, Minn.)maple syrup1907

Bro-man-gel-ondessert jelly1900

*†White Moss, Canadian Cocoanut Company (Montreal)cocoanut1898

G&Dpickled limes1907

Oneidasweet pickled peaches1907

Spencer'salmond paste1907

Hire'sroot beer1903

‡Teyt'splum pudding1907

‡Long'scurrant jelly1907


Condiments, Jams and Sweets in the Canadian Grocer, 1898-1905

Upton's, Thomas Upton and Company (Hamilton)marmalades, jams, jellies

E.D.S., E.D. Smith (Winona, Ont.)jams, jellies, sealed fruits


Ozo Company (Montreal)jams, jellies, catsup, pickles



Premier, Empress, Nabob, Francis H. Leggettolives


R. Paterson and Son (Glasgow), American Coffee and Spice Company (Toronto), agentsWorcestershire sauce

Lee's and LangleyWorcestershire sauce

Capstan, Capstan Manufacturing Company (Toronto)tomato catsup

Stelton and Company (Worcester, U.K.)Worcestershire sauce


Kovah, Grieg Manufacturing Company (Montreal)jellies

Tobler'sSwiss milk chocolate

Mott's Diamond, John P. Mott and Company (Halifax)chocolate

Peter'smilk chocolate

Cadbury'scocoa, chocolate

Maclure and Langleychocolate

Lowney's, Walter M. Lowney (Boston, Montreal)breakfast cocoa


Teas, Coffees, Sugar and Spices

*Kurma, agents Davidson and Hay (Toronto)black and mixed tea1898

*Blue Bird Elephant Banner, Sun, agents Hass Brothers (San Francisco)green tea, English breakfast tea1898


Blue Ribbon (also white label, green label, red label, gold label)Ceylon tea1902



T. Eaton Companytea?


Challenge Cuptea?

*Nonpareil, Washington Manufacturing Companyground coffee1898

Blue Ribboncoffee1902


Golden Gatecoffee1902

Hill's Arabiancoffee1902

Red Cafe, Young Brotherscoffee?


Reknownmocha and java coffee?

Braid's Bestcoffee1905

White Housemocha and java coffee1902

§Mason, Dwight Edwards Company (Portland, Ore.)coffee1909

Chase and Sanborn (Canada) (Montreal)coffee1903

*Windsor, Canadian Salt Company (Windsor, Ont.)salt1897

*Masonherb extract1897

Pure Gold, Pure Gold Manufacturing Company (Toronto)lemon extract, spices, Turkish coffee1903

Durkee'sspices and salad dressings1900

Teas, Coffees, Sugar and Spices in the Canadian Grocer, 1898-1905

Red Rosetea


Ludella, agents H.P. Eckardt and Company (Toronto)tea

QuakerCeylon tea

Golden Eagle, Manhattan, American Coffee and Spice Company (Toronto)coffee

Empress, Gold Medal, Eby, coffee Blain Company (Toronto), agent

KolonaCeylon tea

Ram Lal'sIndian tea

Tartan, Balfour and Company (Hamilton)tea and coffee

Wood'sBoston coffees

St. Lawrence Sugar Refining Company (Montreal)white sugar

Redpath, Canada Sugar Refining Company (Montreal)white sugar

Jardine's, Regal, Pure Gold Manufacturing Company (Toronto)spices

McLaren's Invincible, Hamilton Coffee and Spice Companyspices

Acme, Toronto Salt Workssalt

Tobacco and Cigars
In all cases of undated entries, labels were found either in the Dawson Hardware Company Museum or in the Dawson City Mu seum. Because of the large number of findings relating directly to the Dawson City trade, no additional commodities from the pages of the Canadian Grocerhave been included.

Tobacco, Plug or cut

Three Nuns, Pic-o-bac, Capstan Navy Union Leader, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, agent

Climax, Battle Ax, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, agent1900

*†Seal of North Carolina, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, agent1900

Payroll, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, agent1902

Masters and Mason, The Toiler, Patriot, B. Houde Company

Weyman Brothers, Weyman and Brinton

Le Petit Bleu1897

Derby Old Virginia, Old Chum Pedro, American Tobacco Company of Canada1897

Virginia Flake (cut)

World's Navy


*†T & B, George Tuckett and Son, (Hamilton)1898

B. D.1900

English (cut)1900

Star (plug)1900


Piper Heidseik1900

Spear Head1900

Horse Shoe1900

Bull Durham1900

Yale Mixture1900

Gold Standard1900

Wedding Bouquet1900

William Penn1900

La Rose Celeste1900

Mother Lode1900

El Grotto1900


*Magnet agents Hudson's Bay Company, Cope Brothers and Company (Liverpool)1897



High Life1902


King Edward VII1902


Pacific Union1902




La Sonodoro1900

*EI Triunfo1897

*Henry Clay1897

*Benjamin Franklin1897

*Oscar Amanda1897


*La Lola1897


B. F.

London Fine

Atlas Cigar

Casebrook pur fin

Edgeworth, Larus and Brothers Company (Richmond, Va.)

T& B, Marguerite, Tuckett and Son (Hamilton)1903

Clear Havana

La Cadena


La Custodia

Red Ross



Marnet Garcia1902

La Mancia1902

La Hispania1902



General Arthur1900

El Belmont, Westminster Tobacco Company (London, U.K.)1900


El Modelo1900

Petit Bouquet1900

Flor de Bahama1900

La Carolina1900


*Vanity Fair, W.S. Kimball and Company (Rochester, N.Y.)1897

*High Life, Athlete, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada1897

*Sweet Cap1897

Karnak, Tuckett and Son (Hamilton)1903

Beer, Spirits and Wines

Bohemian, Pabst Brewing Company (Milwaukee)beer1899

Schlitz (Milwaukee)beer1899

Bass Ale, Bass, Ratcliff and Gretton (Staffordshire, U.K.)beer1899

Guinness Stout, Arthur Guinness and Company (London, U.K.)beer1899

A.B.C. Bohemian (St. Louis, Mo.)beer1903

Ranier, Seattle Brewing and Malting Company (Seattle)beer1901

Lemp (St. Louis)beer1903

Klondike, Klondike Brewing and Malting Companybeer1907

1883, Joseph E. Seagram and Sons (Waterloo, Ont.)rye whisky1899

Canadian Club, O. P.S., Imperial, Hiram Walker and Sons (Walkerville, Ont.)rye whisky1902

Lacey's Celebrated Sourmash Whiskeyrye whisky1902

Hudson's Bay Ryerye whisky1902

Runnymederye whisky1901

Special 1884, Gooderham and Wart's (Toronto)rye whisky1902

Durar'srye whisky1901

Dhulochrye and scotch whiskies1901

Bulloch, Lade and Companyrye whisky1901

John Dewar's Extra Specialscotch whisky1899

Robert Brown's 4 Crownscotch whisky1899

Greer's O.V.H.scotch whisky1899

Haig & Haigscotch whisky1901

Leithscotch whisky1902

Usher'sscotch whisky1901

Mountain Dewscotch whisky1901

3 Star, John Jameson and Son (Dublin)Irish whisky1899

Bushmill'sIrish whisky1899

James Hennessey's 3 Starbrandy1902

Markel's 3 Starbrandy1902


United Vinyardbrandy1901

Burke's Old Tom Nonpareilgin1901

Plymouth, Coates and Company (Plymouth, U.K.)gin1899

Extra Dry London, Dewer Brothersgin1899

Holland's Geneva, John de Kuyper and Son (Montreal)gin1902

Hudson Bayrum1899


Jenkin's Filschampagne1900

Pommery Secchampagne1899

Mumm's Extra Drychampagne1899

Forrester's Oportoport1899

Medoc (Barton and Guestier)claret1901

St. Julien, Medoc (L. Champion and Company)claret1901

Margoux, Medoc (L. Champion and Company)claret1901

St. Julien (Leon Pinaud)claret1901

St. Julien (L. Champion and Company)claret1901

Sauternes (Barton and Guestier)sauternes1901

Haut Sauternes (L. Champion and Company)sauternes1901

St. Loubesclaret1899

Cyrus Noblebourbon1901

Jesse Moorebourbon1901

Household Goods

*†Ivory Proctor and Gamble of Canada (Hamilton)soap1898


*Sunlight, Lever Brothers of Canada (Toronto)soap1898

Monkey Life Buoy Cheerful, Lever Brothers of Canada (Toronto)soap1903


*†B.T. Barrett'ssoap1898

Royal Crownsoap1901


Fel's Napthasoap1906

White Swan, Royal Crown Soap Company (Vancouver)soap1906






Mechanic'star soap1901





Goodwin, Goodwin Manufacturing Company (St. Louis, Mo.)candles1905


Pennantcoal oil1903

Water Whitecoal oil1905

Pearlcoal oil1903

Gillett, E.W. Gillett and Company (Toronto)lye1906

Pendraylye and ammonia1906

Keen's Oxfordblueing1906

*Pearline, Proctor and Gamble Company of Canada (Hamilton)washing compound1897

Canada Paint Companypaint?

British-America Paint (Vancouver and Victoria)paint?

Mander Brothers (Southampton, U.K.)paint?

A. Ramsay and Son (Montreal)paint?

Imperial Varnish and Colourpaint?

Sherwin Williams Paintspaint1901

*E.B. Eddypails and tubs, indurated fibreware1897

Rochester Lamp Companylamp chimneys?

Mason Fruit Jarsglassware1907

Rollman Manufacturing Companyapple corers and cutters?

Miscellaneous Articles



Singersewing machines1903

Drugs and Toilet Articles

*Abbey's Effervescent Saltsfruit salts1898

Arcadianface powder?

*Ayer'ssasparilla (for hair vigour)1897


*Carter'slittle liver pills1897


Cuticura, Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation (Maiden, Mass.)soap1903

*Denneford's Magnesiamagnesia1898

*Doan'skidney pills1897

*Dr Chase'sointment, catarrh cure1897

*Dr Fowler'sextract of wild strawberry1897

*Dodd'sdyspepsia tablets, kidney pills1907

Eno'sfruit salts1907

Gilletterazors blades1907

Henry Tetlow (Burlington, Vt.)face powder?

Holme's fragrant Frostilla (Toronto, Elmire, N.Y.)skin softener?

*Hood'sliver pills1897

Hudyan Cures, Hudson Medical Institute (San Francisco)??

Laxa-Liver Pillsliver pills1897

Madame Roy's Complexion Soapsoap1900

Millburn'sheart and nerve pills1897

Pabst Malt Extract, Pabst Brewing Company (Milwaukee)natural and vegetable tonic1902

*Paine's Wells, Richardson and Companycelery compound1898

Perry Davispain killer1898

A Possoniface powder?


Rubiformtooth powder?


Shoff's, E. Shoff (Dawson)blood and liver bitters1902

Stuart'sdyspepsia tablets1905

*Vaseline Cheeseborough Manufacturing Companyointment1898

Boots and Shoes

*Alaska Mining Boot, Canada Rubber Company (Montreal)rubber boots1898

A.A. Cutterworking boots1907

Dodge, Alfred Dodge and Companyfelt shoes, slippers1899

*English K-Boot, J.A. Pyke (Vancouver), agentboots1897

Eurekarubber boots and shoes1907

Felderworking shoes1907

*†Gold Sealrubber boots and shoes1898

*†Goodyear Rubber Company (San Francisco)duck leather-soled shoes and leather-top shoes1898

*Crack Proofboots1898

*Snag Proofboots1898

Hanan and Sonshoes1903


Hudson's Baymoccasins1907


Johnson and Murphyshoes1907

George E. KeithBoston shoes1902

J.D. King'smedium high cut boots1901

McCreedyhigh-grade shoes1907

Nettleton (Rochester, N.Y.)shoes1905

*Nova Scotia Seal, Buckingham and Hecht (San Francisco), agentsKlondike waterproof mining boots1898


*Slater, George T. Slater (Montreal)mining boots, shoes, high boots, felt shoes1898


Whitmanfelt shoes1901

Strong and Garfieldworking shoes1907

Todd, Bancroft and Company (Rochester, N.Y.)ladies' oxfords and slippers]1907

Twentieth Centuryshoes1907


*Shorey's (agents in all major Canadian cities)miners' and Arctic mackinaw suits, Klondike shirt1898

*Rooster brand, Robert C.rubberized duck coats1898

Wilkins (Montreal)pants (mackinaw lined), mackinaw jackets, pants, drawers, shirts, extra-strong rivetted overalls, jumpers

*Jaeger's Jaeger Company (London, U.K.)woolen clothing1898

§Mammoth, Acme, A.R. Clarke and Sonshirts1906

Dr. Deimel'sunderwear1902

Woolseyunshrinkable underwear1902

Earl and Wilsonshirts, collars, cuffs1902

Wilson Brothersshirts, neckwear1901

Cluettdress shirts1907

Monarchdress shirts1907

Summitdress shirts1907

Hart, Schaefner and Marx Clothingsuits, coats, jackets, trousers1901

Cahn, Wampolo and Company (Chicago)suits1902

Albert, Kentwood black dress suits1907


L. Adler Brothers and Companysummer suits1902

Stein-Bloch men's clothing1902

Fit-Reformmen's clothing1907

Washingtonmen's clothing1907

Levi-Strauss, Levi Strauss and Company (San Francisco)overalls1907

Carhartt's jackets1907




Wright'shealth and silk underwear, socks1901

Clarke's, A.R. Clarke and Sonsmitts1907

Hansen'swork gloves1907

Elsendrathwork gloves1907 gloves1907








Stetson, John B. Stetson Companyhats, summer hats and caps1898


§Regal, Wilkison and Company (London, U.K.)hats?

Klondike Gear

*Hudson's Bay Companyblankets (4-point)1898

*Strohmayr, Gillespie, Asley and Dixon (Toronto), agentssleeping bags1898

*Alaska brand, Hudson Bay Knitting Mills (Montreal)waterproof eiderdown sleeping bags1898

*Canada Fibre Companysleeping bags1898

*Millichamp Coyle and Klondike Companysleeping bags1898

*Teslin, Dawson, McClary Manufacturing Company (London, Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto)folding stoves1898

*Primus, Holbrook, Merrill and Stetson (San Francisco) agentsoil stoves1898

*Clark's Improved Air-tight Stove (Seattle)stoves1897

*Nelson Peterborough Canoe Company (Peterborough, Ont.)canoes1898

*Mascot, Yukon Sled Manufacturing Company (Vancouver); E.G. Prior (Victoria)sleds1897

*Alaska Freight Sled, Baker and Hamilton (San Francisco) agentsfreight sleds1898



Argosy (London)1898

§l'Art et la Mode (Paris)1908




§Harper's Weekly1908

§Harper's Bazaar1908

§Illustrated London News1908

The Ladies' Home Journal1903

§Leslie's Weekly1908


Munsey's Magazine1898

§Saturday Evening Post1908

Scientific American1908

Strand Magazine (London)1898

Success Magazine1908

§Town Topics: The Journal of Society1908

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