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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 20

The History of Fort Langley, 1827-96

by Mary K. Cullen




The Hudson's Bay Company Goes to the Pacific

The Establishment of Fort Langley

The Coastal Trade

Development of Farm and Fishery

Establishing Inland Communication

Langley in Its Most Active Phase

Gold Rush: Climax and Turning Point of Fort Langley's Career

The Twilight Years

Appendix A. Report on Fort Langley, 1830, by Archibald McDonald.

Appendix B. Reminiscences of Fort Langley by Mrs. Aurelia Manson (Daughter of James Murray Yale).

Appendix C. Memories of Fort Langley by Jason O. Allard.

Appendix D. Table of Fur Returns, Fort Langley, 1827-65.

Appendix E. Salmon Cured at Fort Langley, 1830-73.

Appendix F. Cranberry Returns of Fort Langley, 1852-58.

Appendix G. The Physical Appearance of Fort Langley — A Brief Look.

Appendix H. Descriptions of Langley Farm.

Appendix I. Record of Land Sales of Fort and Farm Lots.



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