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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 15

A History of Martello Towers in the Defence of British North America, 1796-1871

by Ivan J. Saunders

Appendix L. Murney Tower, Kingston

Built: 1846
Armed: 1861
Disarmed: date unknown
Demolished: (extant, 1972)
Facing material: limestone ashlar masonry
Diameter: 56 ft.
Height: 36 ft.
Wall thickness: 8 ft. to 14 ft.
Parapet height: 6 ft.
Storeys: two
Purpose: to anchor the flank of a fieldwork line around the town. To engage enemy shipping entering Kingston harbour.

45 Murney Tower, 1871. (Photograph by author.)

46 Murney Tower, ditch and caponiers, 1971. (Photograph by author.)

47 Murney Tower, section and floor plans of the proposed tower, 1845. (Public Archives of Canada.)

48 Murney Tower, elevation and section showing the proposed means of access and the form of the caponiers, 1846. (Public Archives of Canada.)

49 Murney Tower, basement floor plan, May, 1846. (Public Archives of Canada.)

50 Murney Tower, barrack floor and platform plans, May, 1846. (Public Archives of Canada.)

51 Murney Tower, platform plan and section showing the proposed method of arming the tower, 1851. (Public Archives of Canada.)

52 Murney Tower, plan and section of the proposed new roof of the tower, 1867. (Public Archives of Canada.)

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