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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 15

A History of Martello Towers in the Defence of British North America, 1796-1871

by Ivan J. Saunders

Appendix D. Georges Island Tower, Halifax

Built: 1812
Armed: 1812
Disarmed: 1865-77
Demolished: ca. 1877
Facing material: stone (nature unknown)
Diameter: 43 ft.
Height: unknown
Wall thickness: 7 ft.
Parapet height: unknown
Storeys: two
Purpose: to serve as a keep to the Georges Island batteries; to sweep the batteries and the periphery of the island in the event of an assault landing.

24 Georges Island, plan of the island, fort and tower, 1869. (Public Archives of Canada.)

25 Georges Island tower, plan and section of basement, 1859. (Public Archives of Canada.)

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