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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 23

Gaspé, 1760-1867

by David Lee

La Gaspésie n'est pas un comté,
c'est une province.

Rodolphe Lemieux


In the period between the Conquest and Confederation, Gaspé was never truly a part of Quebec or Canada. Its rugged topography and remote location resulted in obvious government neglect and its dependence on a fishing economy produced a society quite different from that of the rest of the province. Moreover, it was settled by people of diverse origins who, because of poor communications, never created an integrated community feeling in the area; not only did they feel little identity with the people of the rest of the province, but they also felt little common identity with their fellow residents in Gaspé.

Submitted for publication 1975, by David Lee, National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Ottawa.

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