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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 4

The Big House, Lower Fort Garry

by George Ingram




A New Establishment

Sixth Regiment of Foot

The Bishop of Rupert's Land

Eden Colvile

The Years at Mid-Century

William Flett

Lord Dufferin

A Retreat for Chief Commissioners

Appendix A: Structural Evolution of the Big House

Appendix B: George and Frances Simpson

Appendix C: Thomas Simpson

Appendix D: Adam Thom

Appendix E: Eden Colvile, "The Young Commercial Patrician"




1 Exterior of the annex, ca. 1840-41

2 The Big House, 1846-48

3 Finlay sketch of a room, 1847

4 The Big House, 1857

5 Hime photograph, 1858, of the Big House

6 Photograph of the Big House in the early 1880s

7 Another view of the Big House in the early 1880s

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