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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 4

Industrial and Agricultural Activities at Lower Fort Garry

by George Ingram



Lower Fort Garry Comes of Age

The Farm: Early Approaches

The Operation of the Farm

   Livestock: The Operation
   The Agricultural Operation
      Area under Cultivation
      The Farming Routine
      Work Force

Boat Building

   York Boats
   The Schooner Polly
   The Steamboats

Brewing and Distilling

Other Industrial Activities

   The Grist Mill
   The Sawmill
   Lime Burning
   The Blacksmith
   The Lathe Room
   The Cooper
   The Fishery
   The Ice House
   Biscuit Making





1 Red River Settlement, 1874

2 The farm at the lower fort, 1874

3 Taking in hay, 1859

4 Ox pulling sled

5 York boats on Lake Winnipeg

6 Robert Bell's photograph of the lower fort, 1879

7 Finlay sketch, 1847, showing industrial buildings

8 Finlay sketch, 1847, showing distillery and cottage

9 View of the fort by John Fleming, 1857

10 Hime photograph of the industrial area, 1858

11 The fort in the late 1870s

12 Industrial buildings at the creek at the turn of the century

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