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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 14

The B.C. Mills Prefabricated System: The Emergence of Ready-made Buildings in Western Canada

by G. E. Mills and D. W. Holdsworth


The writers wish to acknowledge the assistance of the following people in the preparation of research material for the writing of this report: Miss Edna C. Mahony, Victoria, B.C., who recalled much useful information related to her father's career; Shelagh Draper, Vancouver City Archives; Georgeen Barras, Glenbow-Alberta Institute, Calgary; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Regional Offices, Vancouver, B.C. and Regina, Sask.; British Columbia Telephone Company Photographic Archives, Vancouver, B.C.; British Columbia Provincial Archives. Victoria, B.C.; Joan Mackie, Heritage Canada, Ottawa; Marsha Snyder, Canadian Inventory of Historic Buildings, Ottawa, and Dr. Edward Gibson, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University.

The authors are grateful for the opportunity to present an earlier version of this report at a conference on "The Architecture of Western Canada" at the Universities Art Association of Canada meeting, Winnipeg, 1 March 1974. They would particularly like to acknowledge the encouragement and helpful criticism offered by Dr. Harold Kalman, Department of Fine Arts, University of British Columbia.

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