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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 4

The Second Battalion, Quebec Rifles, at Lower Fort Garry

by William R. Morrison

Appendix B

Proposed Appropriation of Buildings in Lower Fort as Barracks for the Quebec Rifles

1st Log House to be converted into a Hospital, two wards to be formed on ground floor with a passage (6' wide) between them. Attics to be converted into Surgery, Hospital Sergeants and Orderlies Quarters and Stores.

A Staircase to be constructed to upper story at end of centre passage, a Covered way to be constructed leading to privy, Ablution Room and Kitchen as shewn in block plan. A porch to be constructed over door.

This building requires considerable repair.

2nd A two storied House 50' x 20' to be constructed on site shewn in plan. To hold 50 men, Upper Story to be reached by outside staircase.

3rd Cook-houses and Ablution Rooms to be erected as shewn in plan. Also two privies each 20' x 10' having 6 seats and Urinals at each end: the ablution House to be heated by Stove fitted with boiler.

4th A Guard House with 6 cells to be constructed near eastern gate. To be of two Stories and appropriated as shewn in block plan in margin

A Orderly Room 16' x 11'
B Pay Office 10' x 11'
C Pay Masters Clerks Quarters 11' x 8'
D Serjeant-Majors Quarters 10' x 12'
E Quarter Master's Stores and Office 14' x 12'
F Serjeants Mess 18' x 15'
G Serjeants Mess Kitchen 12' x 8'
H Serjeants Mess Pantry 10' x 8'
K Outside Staircase fitted with porches

5th New wooden Store (76' x 29') to be appropriated as Barracks for 180 men: hand rail and porch to be added.

6th Stone Store (64-1/2' x 25-1/2') to be appropriated for 120 men, partitions below to be removed and an entrance left on Ground floor on South side. Other doors to be blocked up.

7th Porches to be provided for all houses that are to be occupied by troops.

8th The old wooden house near western gate to be appropriated as Recreation Room and Issuing Store with Staff Serjeant's Quarters in Attics.

9th The main Building of Stone in centre is to be appropriated as Officers Quarters.

True Copy of original
Sd/ James Macleod
  Asst. Brigade Major

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