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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 4

The Sixth Regiment of Foot at Lower Fort Garry

by William R. Morrison


Primary Sources

Canada. Public Archives.
MG12, WO1, Vol. 557. Fort Garry, 1846.

Hudson's Bay Company Archives
(on microfilm).

Winnipeg Public Library
Crofton Letter Book. A collection of extracts from the official and private papers of John Ffolliott Crofton, presented by his son, H. T. Crofton of Oldfield, England.

Secondary Sources

Great Britain. Army.
Historical Records of the British Army, The Sixth or Royal First Warwickshire Regiment of Foot. Adjutant-General's Office, London, 1837.

Great Britain. War Office.
Notes on the Route from Lake Superior to Red River and on the Settlement Itself, War Office, London, 1870. Appendix: Reports Regarding the Routes to Fort Garry, Red River Settlement; with a Description of the Colony, 1845 to 1848.

Ingersoll, W.E.
"Redcoats at Fort Garry." The Beaver, Outfit 276 (December 1945), pp. 14-7.

Kingsford, C.L.
The Story of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Country Life, London, 1921.

A Short History of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Gale & Polden, London, 1921.

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