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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 13

Table Glass Excavated at Beaubassin, Nova Scotia

by Jane E. Harris





     Historical Background
     Research Techniques

Glassware of the Acadian Period

     Late 17th-Early 18th Century Globular Wine Bottles
     18th-Century French Wine Bottles
     Utilitarian Blue-Green Bottles
     Clear Non-Lead Glass Vessels

Late 18th-Century English or American Glassware

     Cylindrical Wine Bottles, ca. 1750-1770
     Cylindrical Wine Bottles, ca. 1770-1800
     Case Bottles
     Snuff Bottles
     Medicine Bottles
     Unidentified Bottles
     Lead Glass Tableware
     Firing Glasses
     Plain-Stemmed "Wine" Glasses
     Decanter Stopper

Discussion and Conclusions

     Excavation Unit 1
     Excavation Units 2 and 3
     Excavation Unit 4
     Excavation Units 7 and 8
     Analyses of Glassware and Ceramics Compared
     Social Implications of the Beaubassin Glassware

References Cited


1 Cylindrical wine bottle necks.

2 Description of cylindrical bottle.

3 Cylindrical wine bottle necks.

4 Case bottle bases.


1 Beaubassin site map.

2 Wine bottle body fragment.

3 English wine bottle fragments, 1750-70.

4 English wine bottle, 1770-1800.

5 English wine bottle fragments.

6 Case bottle bases.

7 Bottle fragments.

8 Turlington bottle base.

9 Bottle fragments.

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