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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 1

A Classification System for Glass Beads for the Use of Field Archaeologists,

by Kenneth E. and Martha Ann Kidd





The Technology of Glass Beads

Description of a Classification System for Glass Beads
The Tube Bead Chart
Class I
Class II
Class III
Class IV
The Wire Wound Bead Chart

How to Use the Classification System to Identify Beads
Sample List of Hypothetical Collection of Beads

Glossary of Terms Used in Tables 1-6

List of Beads Recorded by the Authors

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Table 1: Description of Class I Beads
Table 2: Description of Class II Beads
Table 3: Description of Class II Beads
Table 4: Description of Class III Beads
Table 5: Description of Class IV Beads
Table 6: Description of Class "W" Beads

1 Drawing a tube for glass beads.
2 Inlay treatment for glass beads.
3 Master identification chart for tube beads.
4 Master identification chart for wire wound beads.
5 Colour plate I.
6 Colour plate II.
7 Colour plate III.
8 Colour plate IV.
9 Colour plate V.

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