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Research Bulletin

Research Bulletin

The following list does not reflect all titles that were produced by Parks Canada in this series. Electronic copies of selected titles are donated by grey background.

1Moussette, Marcel. Projet de recherche sur le chauffage domestique au Canada. March 1971.
2Social History of British Military Garrisons in Canada 1759-1871, C. Whitfield. April 1971.
3Heisler, J.P. Source Material Relating to Canadian Canals, 1763-1914. August 1971.
4Flemming, David. Niagara-on-the-Lake. September 1971.
5Boissonnault, Réal. Projet de recherche concernant le Parc Cartier-Brébeuf, Québec. January 1972.
6MacLean, Terry. George's Island, Halifax Harbour. June 1972.
7Buggey, Susan. The Halifax Waterfront Buildings: A Restoration Project. August 1972.
8Whitfield, Carol. Tracing the Canadian Career of the Brtish Army Officer. October 1972.
9Macdougall, Dianen Newell. Research Project on the History and Decrative Use of Textiles in Canadian Period Homes. November 1972.
10Waddell, Peter. The Restigouche Underwater Project: 1972. December 1972.
11Bennett, Gordon. Gold-rush as Prologue. January 1973.
12Long, George A. Progress report on Faience Research. February 1973.
13Long, George A. Tin-Glazed Earthenware from the Machault. March 1973.
14Joliffe, Susan. Chinese porcelain from the skipwreck Machault. September 1973.
15Richer, Louis. La restauration du Parc de L'Artillerie à Québec. October 1973.
16Buggey, Susan. A survey of land papers in Nova Scotia. November 1973.
17Waddell, Peter. Nova Scotia underwater survey: 1973. December 1973.
18Witham, John. Railway station project. January 1974.
19Tanguay, France. Recherches archéologiques au Parc de l'Artillerie à Québec. February 1974.
20Schonback, Bengt. Progress report on archaeological fieldwork at l'Anse-aux Meadows, June to September, 1974. December 1974.
21Wilson, John P. Archaeological research at Fort George, Ontario, 1973-74. March 1975.
22Jones, Olive R. The study of glass containers from archaeological sites. May 1975.
23McLean, Marianne. The education of the royal engineers. July 1975.
24Lee, Ellen. Archaeological investigations at Fort St. Joseph, Ontario, 1974-75. November 1975.
25Ball, Norman R. The development of permafrost thawing techniques in the placer gold fields of the Klondike. November 1975.
26Snow, Elizabeth. National Historic Parks and Sites Branch salvage archaeology in 1975. December 1975.
27Steer, Donald N. Archaeological research at Rocky Mountain House National Historic Park, Alberta, 1975. December 1975.
28Sciscenti, James V. and Jeffrey S. Murray. Archaeological investigations at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan, 1973-75. March 1976.
29Leung, Felicity. Roller milling : a diary of the St. Jacob's flour mill, 1888-89. April 1976.
30Grenier, Robert. Archéologie sous marine 1975. May 1976.
31Russel, Hilary. Sources on movie theatre history, with reference to "All that glitters: a memorial to Ottawa's Capitol Theatre and its predecessors". May 1976.
32Coleman, Margaret. The Canadian Patent Office from its beginnings to 1900. May 1976.
33Schonback, Bengt, Birgitta Wallace and Charles Lindsay. Progress report on archaeological fieldwork at l'Anse aux Meadows, June to October, 1975. July 1976.
34Council, R. Bruce, Willis Stevens, Donald A. Harris and R.J. Morgan. Research at the Fortress of Louisbourg, 1974-75. July 1976.
35Lafrenière, Michel. Deux saisons de fouilles au parc de l'Artillerie, Québec : 1974-75. September 1976.
36Leung, Felicity. Ontario wheat and its breadstuffs, 1780s-1880s. December 1976.
37Murray, Jeffrey S. Progress report on the archaeological investigations at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan, 1976. December 1976.
38Lacombe, Marthe. Inventaire des marchés de construction des greffes de notaires de Québec: XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. December 1976.
39McConnell, David. Fort Chippawa : a report prepared for the Niagara Complex team. December 1976.
40McConnell, David. The Indian Council House : a report prepared for the Niagara Complex Team. December 1976.
41Steer, Donald N. and Harvey J. Rogers. Archaeological research at Rocky Mountain House, 1976. December 1976.
42Snow, Elizabeth. National Historic Parks and Sites Branch salvage archaeology in 1976. January 1977.
43McConnell, David. Preliminary survey of the historical significance of Navy Island. January 1977.
44Nadon, Pierre. Recherches archéologiques aux Forges de Saint-Maurice (1973-1976). February 1977.
45Thomas, Greg. Fire in the Beaver Hills. February 1977.
46Spector, David. A bibliographic study of field agriculture in the Canadian Prairie West 1870-1940. February 1977.
47McConnell, David. The location of the site of the Battle of Beaver Dams. February 1977.
48St-Pierre, Serge. La technologie artisanale aux Forges du Saint-Maurice (1729-1883). February 1977.
49Bérubé, André. L'évolution des techniques sidérurgiques aux Forges du Saint-Maurice, 1729-1883. March 1977.
50Friesen, Richard J. The Chilkoot Pass : a preliminary bibliography. March 1977.
51Cox, Richard. Les forges du Saint-Maurice. March 1977.
52Minni, Sheila. Survey and test excavation of the Klondike Historic Sites, Yukon Territory, 1976. March 1977.
53Donahue, Paul F. A report on initial (1976) archaeological fieldwork at Batoche, Saskatchewan. March 1977.
54Forsman, Michael. Archaeological research at Riel House, Manitoba, 1976. March 1977.
55Ferguson, Robert. Preliminary investigation of stone features in Minchin Cove, Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland, October, 1976. March 1977.
56Cullen, Mary. Packaging and package markings, Fort St. James, 1890s. March 1977.
57Cullen, Mary. Occupants of the Fort St. James officer's dwelling, 1890's : a backgrounder for furnishing. March 1977.
58Guitard-Fortin, Michelle. Les miliciens de la bataille de Châteauguay. June 1977.
59Wyllie, Elizabeth A. Computer-based text retrieval in historical research. August 1977.
60Burns, Robert J. The post fur trade career of a North West Company partner : a biography of John McDonald of Garth. August 1977.
61Quance, Elizabeth. Alexander Graham Bell and the Inheritance of deafness. September 1977.
62Quance, Elizabeth. Alexander Graham Bell, human inheritance, and the eugenics movement. October 1977.
63Whitfield, Carol. Paint for British ordnance. October 1977.
64Cullen, Mary. Documenting the furnishings of Canada's Confederation Chamber, 1847-1977. October 1977.
65Carter-Edwards, Dennis. The defended border : Fort Malden, 1837-1842. October 1977.
66Steppler, G. Company order books as a source of information on the history of the British soldier, ca. 1760-1815. November 1977.
67Wallace, Birgitta. The 1976 excavations at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. November 1977.
68McGain, Alison. Travaux d'hiver aux Forges du St-Maurice, 1977. December 1977.
69Cullen, Mary. Finding and identifying plans of Province House, Charlottetown, P.E.I. December 1977.
70Luchak, Orysia J. York Factory and Prince of Wales' Fort : a brief history for visitor reception centre display. December 1977.
71Cullen, Mary K. A survey of the furnishings at Province House in 1864. December 1977.
72Amsden, Charles W. Report on archaeological reconnaissance in Nahanni National Park and vicinity, N.W.T. December 1977.
73Syms, E. Leigh. An assessment of mounds in southern Manitoba. December 1977.
74Donahue, Paul F. and Valerie J. Hall. Archaeology at Batoche (1977). January 1978.
75Minni, Sheila. Klondike historic sites, Yukon Territory, 1977. Janusary 1978.
76Adams, Gary. Motherwell homestead archaeology project. January 1978.
77Spector, David. An Annotated bibliography for the study of animal husbandry in the Canadian Prairie West, 1880-1925. Part A: sources available in Western Canada and United States. January 1978.
78Spector, David. An annotated bibliography for the study of animal husbandry in the Canadian Prairie West, 1880-1925. Part B: sources available in Ottawa. January 1978.
79Blanchette, Jean-François. Le rôle des falences brunes dans les modes francais de nutrition au XVIIIe siècle : un projet de recherche. January 1978.
80Steer, David N. and Harvey J. Rogers. Archaeological research at Rocky Mountain House, 1977. January 1978.
81Phillips-Parmenter, Caroline, Margaret Burnip and Robert Ferguson. Report on the second session of archaeological investigations of historical sites in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. January 1978.
82Millar, F.V. The Gray Burial site. February 1978.
83Lee, Ellen. Archaeological excavations at Fort St. Joseph, Ontario. April 1978.
84Stuart, Richard. Quantifying the unquantifiable : establishing criteria for a "Buildings of Interest List" for use in the Klondike National Historical Site. May 1978.
85Clarke, Ian. Yukon River Corridor : historic themes and sites. May 1978.
86Recent Research (Introduction - as decentralization of Parks Canada's archaeological research neared completion, the number of field projects handled by Headquarters lessened). April 1978.
87Buggey, Susan. Period gardens in Canada : a researcher's resources. March 1978.
88Rioux, Christian. Presence of the Royal Artillery Regiment at Quebec from 1759 to 1871. June 1978.
89Piédalue, Gisèle. Progress report of excavations at Fort Chambly in 1977. April 1978.
90Razzolini, E.M. British powder barrels. May 1978.
91Macdonald, R.H. Carleton Martello Tower during World War I : a confusing episode. May 1978.
92Stuart, Richard. Madame Tremblay's store : a structural history. March 1978.
93Beahen, William. Preliminary history of Fenelon Falls Lock Station. July 1978.
94Sussman, L. and L. Ross. Request for information on artifacts and company histories relating to 19th-century British suppliers of goods to the Hudson's Bay Company. June 1978.
95Evans, M.L. Site of Bobcygeon. August 1978.
96Vickers, Rod. A Report on the 1977 fieldwork of the Chilkoot Archaeology Project. August 1978.
97Payment, Diane. Monsieur Batoche,. July 1978.
98Young, Richard J. Destruction of War Department Records. July 1978.
99Smyth, David. Provisioning a fur trade post : the case of Rocky Mountain House. August 1978.
100Carter-Edwards, Dennis. The Brick Barracks at Fort Malden. October 1978.
101Lacelle, Claudette. Domestic Servants in Urban Areas in the 19th Century: Preliminary Research. July 1979.
102Miville-Deschênes, François. Glossary of terms relating to architectural hardware. July 1979.
103Dufour, Pierre. The Montreal fur trade in the 19th century. July 1979.
104Trottier, Louise. Atlantic navigation in the sixteenth century : a research project. July 1979.
105Archibald, Margaret. Thomas William Fuller, 1865-1951 : a preliminary report. July 1979.
106Stewart, John. Non-destructive examination of lead weights. September 1979.
107Lee, David E. Holders of fiscal and commercial rights in New France September 1979.
108Trudel, J.L. Fishermen, Fishing Companies and Society on the Forillon Peninsula in the 19th Century. September 1979.
109Lacelle, Claudette. Urban Domestic Servants in the Nineteenth Century: Second Stage of the Research. September 1979.
110Proulx, Gilles. The Machault : some research notes and new source documents. November 1979.
111Light, John, John Stewart and Louis Laflèche. Identification of work areas in the Fort St. Joseph Smithy. September 1979.
112Schmeisser, Barbara. Fort Beausejour Ground Interpretration Project, Parker Paintings. September 1979.
113Burley, David. Archaeological research of the Klondike National Historic Sites : the 1978 season. November 1979.
114Adams, Gary. End of season report : York Factory National Historic Site. September 1979.
115Moat, Gordon R. Carron stoves at York Factory. September 1979.
116Murray, Jeffrey S. Preliminary report on the 1978 archaeology programme at Fort Walsh National Historic Park. November 1979.
117Waiser, W.A. The North-West Mounted Police, in 1874-1889 : a statistical study. November 1979.
118Amsden, Charles W. Archaeological research in Nahanni National Park, 1978. January 1980.
119Carter-Edwards, Dennis The Sault Ste. Marie Canal. January 1980.
120Steer, Donald N., et al. Archaeological investigations at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Park, 1978. December 1979.
121Candow, James E. Signal Hill's Hospitals, 1870-1920. January 1980.
122Dick, Lyle and Jean Claude Lebeuf. Social history in architecture : the stone house of W.R. Motherwell. January 1980.
123Ross, Lester A. Basque whale oil casks from a 16th-century ship sunk in Red Bay, Labrador. January 1980.
124Ferguson, Robert. Grassy Island: archaeological investigations of a Nova Scotia fishing community. January 1980.
125Priess, Peter J. Archaeological investigations at Upper Fort Garry, 1978. January 1980.
126Guinn, Rodger. An historical assessment of four structures in the Canadian National Railways East Yards, Winnipeg, Manitoba. January 1980.
127McDonald, R.H. Carleton Martello Tower during World War I : important new information. January 1980.
128Guinn, Rodger. The forts at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. March 1980.
129Ross, Lester A. Status report on the metal comparative collection of representative, unique and marked artifacts from selected Parks Canada archaeological excavations and surveys. March 1980.
130Razzolini, E.M. Powder barrel markings. March 1980.
131McConnell, David. A select annotated bibliography on British smooth-bore muzzle loading artillery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. March 1980.
132Wright, Allen. The conquest of Mount St. Elias. August 1980.
133Wade, Barbara. Summary of the artifact distributions from Le Machault. August 1980.
134Archaeological Research Division, Annual Report 1978-79. August 1980.
135Donovan, Kenneth J. Paying one's way: dining and drinking in Louisbourg's cabarets and auberges. August 1980.
136Johnston, A.J.B. Formal education at Colonial Louisbourg. August 1980.
137Parmenter, Caroline Phillips and Margaret Burnip. Historical archaeology in the Eastern High Arctic. August 1980.
138Whate, Ron. The ceramic artifacts from Fort St. Joseph : a preliminary study. August 1980.
139Parmenter, Caroline Phillips. Visibility one-diagonal-eight in snow : High Arctic historical archaeology, 1979 season. August 1980.
140Burley, David and Michael Gates. The Dawson film discovery : an outline of Parks Canada's involvement. August 1980.
141Steer, Donald N. and John Porter. Archaeological research at Fort Langley National Historic Park, British Columbia, 1979. August 1980.
142Burley, David. Life on the fringe : an overview of archaeological research conducted on the hillside of Dawson City, Yukon Territory. August 1980.
143Grainger, Dana-Mae and Brian D. Ross. Petite Ville site survey, Saskatchewan. September 1980.
144Drouin, Pierre. Report on archaeological research at the master's house of the forges du Saint-Maurice. September 1980.
145Donahue, Paul F. Archaeology at Batoche (1978). November 1980.
146Stevenson, Marc. Archaeological investigations of the Kluane gold rush. November 1980.
147Evans, M.L. Debate and procrastination : newspaper opinion about the Trent Canal in the later 19th century. November 1980.
148Meyer, David and Urve Linnamae. Churchill archaeological research, August 1978. November 1980.
149Leung, Felicity L. Wallpaper identification marks and the names of manufacturers marketing wallpaper in Canada. November 1980.
150Stevenson, Marc. Archaeological research in Kluane National Park, 1978. February 1981.
151Adams, Gary. York Factory National Historic Site archaeology. March 1981.
152Ferguson, Robert, et al. Report on the 1979 field season at Grassy Island, Nova Scotia. March 1981.
153Roos, Arnold E. The artifact as historic document : A.G. Bell's and F.W. Baldwin's hydrofoil boat. March 1981.
154Woodhead, Eileen. Archaeological assemblages of metal artifacts related to the activity of food-preparation : preliminary research. March 1981.
155Candow, James E. Daniel Woodley Prowse and the origin of Cabot Tower. June 1981.
156Candow, James E. Cabot Tower : the Prowse - "Mariner" Correspondence. June 1981.
157Adams, Gary. End of season report : York Factory National Historic Site. June 1981.
158Stevenson, Marc. Peace Point : a stratified prehistoric campsite complex in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta. June 1981.
159Stevenson, Marc. Preliminary archaeological reconnaisance in Wood Buffalo National Park. July 1981.
160Karklins, Karlis. Glass trade beads from a salvaged pit in Peter Pond National Historic Site, Saskatchewan. July 1981.
161Karklins, Karlis. Beads from Fort Beauséjour, New Brunswick. July 1981.
162Kumar, Satinder. A comparison of radiocarbon dates by means of the Chi-Square test. July 1981.
163Audy, Michel, et al. Summary of field research conducted in 1980 at Red Bay, Labrador, on the underwater remains of the San Juan and of the Basque Whaling Station. July 1981.
164Proulx, Jean-Pierre. Bibliographie partielle des ouvrages architecturaux de langue française. July 1981.
165Phillips, Caroline. High Arctic historical archaeology project : fifth season, 1980. July 1981.
166Lacelle, Claudette. Employers and domestic servants in urban centres, the 1871 census. July 1981.
167Donaldson, Bruce. York Factory construction phases, 1787-1845. September 1981.
168Priess, Peter J. Archaeology at St. Andrew's rectory, 1980. September 1981.
169Vermette, Luce. Donations from 1800-1820, 1850-1870 : domestic activities and life-style. September 1981.
170Russell, Hilary. Annotated illustrations of domestic activities in Canada, ca. 1840-1920 : a description of the project and a classification scheme. December 1981.
171Miller, George L. and Catherine Sullivan. Machine-made glass containers and the end of production for mouth-blown bottles. December 1981.
172Ross, Brian D. Archaeological research of the Klondike National Historic Sites, the 1980 field season. December 1981.
173Donaldson, Bruce. York Factory, 1821-1870. August 1982.
174Stevenson, Marc G. Archaeological assessment of the Peace Point Site, Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta/N.W.T. : a preliminary report. August 1982.
175Bates, Christina. Furnishing Bellevue in 1848. August 1982.
176Tulloch, Judith. Historical research in the refurnishing process, the example of Province House National Historic Site. August 1982.
177Stevenson, Marc. Preliminary prehistoric sites survey in Kluane National Park, 1978 and 1980. August 1982.
178Sears, Linda. Archaeological investigations at Cape Merry Battery, Manitoba, 1980. August 1982.
179Steer, Don and Merlin Rosser. Fisgard Island Storehouse, 1981 archaeological investigations. August 1982.
180Candow, James E. The myth of the existence of Queen's Battery before 1796. November 1982.
181Brandon, John, Jeffrey S. Murray, Peter J. Priess and Linda Sears. Prairie Region Archaeology, 1981. November 1982.
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183Proulx, Gilles. Restigouche in 1760 : a safe haven. November 1982.
184Donaldson, Bruce F. The York Factory "Depot" Warehouse : style and construction. February 1983.
185Priess, Peter J. Archaeology at St. Andrew's Rectory, 1982. February 1983.
186Quinn, Magella. The general store, 1910-30. March 1983.
187de Caraffe, Marc. "Teaching in mission country" : the schools of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon prior to 1930. March 1983.
188de Caraffe, Marc. The difficult beginnings of a public education system in Quebec, (1801-1876). March 1983.
189de Caraffe, Marc. The fate of Quebec public schools between 1876 and 1930. March 1983.
190Vincent, Elizabeth. A select annotated bibliography applicable to the study of the Royal Engineers' building technology in nineteenth century British North America. March 1983.
191Lee, Ellen. Archaeological investigations at Batoche National Historic Site, 1982. March 1983.
192Ross, Brian D. Herschel Island : heritage in the face of adversity. March 1983.
193Ross, Lester A. Stone sundial from Fort Prince of Wales. June 1983.
194Stevens, Willis. Underwater research at Red Bay, Labrador : a summary of the 1981 field season. June 1983.
195Plousos, Suzanne. Archaeological investigations at Chaffeys Lock, Rideau Canal, 1981. June 1983.
196Adams, Gary. End of 1981 and 1982 seasons : York Factory National Historic Site. June 1983.
197Desloges, Yvon. The study of the urban past and its many approaches : a historiographic review. June 1983.
198Ross, Brian D. Archaeology at the Klondike National Historic Sites, Dawson City, Yukon : the 1982 field season. August 1983.
199Wylie, Willam. Nebulous substance : the portrayal of iron and steel employment in the printed census reports of British North America, 1851-1891. August 1983.
200Sévigny, P.-André. St. Ours and navigation on the lower Richelieu River in the mid-nineteenth century : documentary problems and solutions. August 1983.
201Stevenson, Marc G. Scratching the surface : three years of archaeological investigation in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta/N.W.T. : preliminary summary report. August 1983.
202Hale, C.A. New Brunswick, interim report on common school architecture in the 19th century. August 1983.
203de Caraffe, Marc. "Ad majorem Dei gloriam" : the role of convent institutions in Quebec education. August 1983.
204Campbell, Anita. Archaeological investigations at Grand Pré National Historic Parks, August 1982. November 1983.
205Jacobs, Lorene H. Analysis of a nineteenth century military midden : the Butler's Barracks example. November 1983.
206Ringer, R. James. Progress report on the marine excavation of the Basque whaling vessel San Juan (1565) : a summary of the 1982 field season. November 1983.
207Piédalue, Gisèle. Fort Saint-Jean. November 1983.
208Burns, Robert J. Bulk packaging in British North America, 1758-1867 : a guide to the identification and reproduction of barrels. December 1983.
209Hale, C.A.Newfoundland : interim report on school architecture before 1930. December 1983.
210Hale, C.A.Prince Edward Island : interim report on common school architecture in the 19th century. December 1983.
211Hale, C.A.Publicly funded schools in Nova Scotia, pre-1930 : interim report. December 1983.
212Johnson, Dana. Going to school in rural Ontario. December 1983.
213Johnson, Dana. Going to school in Ontario : the urban primary school 1850-1930. February 1984.
214Johnson, Dana. Pursuing higher education : going to secondary school in Ontario 1800-1930. February 1984.
215Johnson, Dana. For the privileged few : the private and specialist schools of Ontario, 1800-1930. February 1984.
216Adams, Gary F. York Factory archaeology 1983. March 1984.
217Woodhead, Eileen. Bibliography of trade catalogues, 1800-1880, in Eastern Canada. May 1984.
218Sullivan, Catherine. Dr. Thomas' eclectric oil. May 1984.
219Lee, Ellen. Archaeological research at Batoche N.H.S., 1983 field season. July 1984.
220Tulloch, Judith. Goods and services advertised in St. John's newspapers, 1830-1840. July 1984.
221Gusset, Gérard. Stoneware containers from some Canadian prairie sites. July 1984.
222Saunders, Ivan J. A survey of Manitoba school architecture to 1930. November 1984.
223Saunders, Ivan J. A survey of Saskatchewan schoolhouse architecture to 1930. November 1984.
224vA survey of Alberta school architecture to 1930. November 1984.
225Saunders, Ivan J. A survey of British Columbia school architecture to 1930. November 1984.
226Waiser, Bill. The McCormick Place : staff housing for Klondike National Historic Sites. December 1984.
227Hamilton, Jennifer F.A. and Kevin Lunn. Three centuries of clay tobacco pipes from London, England. December 1984.
228Ethnotech Inc., Pierre Claveau and Yves Laframboise. Commercial logging in nineteenth-century Quebec. December 1984.
229Deslauriers, Hélène. The Dauphine officer latrines, Artillery Park, Quebec City : summary of findings. December 1984.
230Renaud, Roxane. Archaeological monitoring under the Dufferin Terrace, Quebec City, winter 1983-l984. December 1984.
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