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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 10

Commissioners of the Yukon, 1897-1918

by Edward F. Bush



The Last Frontier

     James Morrow Walsh
     William Ogilvie

Political Ferment

     James Hamilton Ross
     Frederick Tennyson Congdon
     William Wallace Burns McInnes

Yukon in Transition

     Alexander Henderson
     George Black






1 James Morrow Walsh.

2 Commissioner Walsh and staff, 1898.

3 William Ogilvie.

4 Commissioner Ross addressing gathering, Dawson, 24th May 1901

5 Commissioner's residence, 1901

6 Commissioner Congdon.

7 Commissioner McInnes.

8 W. W. B. McInnes leaving Dawson presumably in November 1906.

9 Commissioner's residence. Note "ballot boxes".

10 Commissioner's residence burning, 1906.

11 Commissioner's residence, presumably as restored after the fire.

12 Hon. Alexander Henderson, K.C., Commissioner of the Yukon Territory.

13 George Black, last full-fledged commissioner of the Yukon.

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