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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 10

Glassware Excavated at Fort Gaspereau, New Brunswick

by Jane E. Harris





Artifacts from the French Occupation

     Wine Bottles
     Square Blue-Green Bottles
     Wide-Mouthed Blue-Green Bottles

Artifacts from the English Occupation

     Wine and Spirits Bottles
     Pharmaceutical Bottles

Artifacts from the Post-Occupation Period

     Liquor Bottles
     Beer Bottles
     Soda Bottles
     Paneled Bottles
     Miscellaneous Bases
     Food Storage Containers

Unidentified Artifacts

     Flat-Sided Vessels
     Clear Glass Vessels

Conclusions and Discussion

References Cited


1 Map showing location of Fort Gaspereau.

2 Site and excavation plan of Fort Gaspereau.

3 French wine bottle fragments.

4 French wine bottle base fragment.

5 French wine bottle neck fragment.

6 Square blue-green bottle fragments.

7 Neck of a wide-mouthed blue-green bottle.

8 Blue-green base fragment.

9 Blue-green base.

10 Pattern-moulded tumbler.

11 Part of a Stiegel-type tumbler.

12 English wine bottle.

13 English wine bottle neck.

14 Base fragment of a pharmaceutical bottle.

15 Liquor bottle neck.

16 Shoofly flask neck.

17 Beer bottle fragments.

18 Soda water bottle fragment.

19 Crown fruit jar fragment.

20 Crown fruit jar lid.

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