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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 5

Excavations at Lower Fort Garry, 1965-1967; A General Description of Excavations and Preliminary Discussions

by James V. Chism





   Historical Sketch
   Geographic Setting
   General Condition of the Site
   Excavation Procedure


   Principal Residence
      Driveway and Fences
      Veranda Privy
      Annex Basement Floor
   Prison Yard and Palisade
   Storehouse - Barracks
   Fur Loft - Retail Store
      Basement Stairwell
      Covered Winter Entrance
   Troop Latrine
   Southwest Bastion and Adjacent Features
      Smokehouse - Oven Complex
      Bastion Interior
   Troop Canteen
   Blacksmith Shops
      Blacksmith Shop I
      Blacksmith Shop II
   Farm Manager's Residence
   Grain Flailing Barn
   Road System
      Loading Area
      Tested Roads
   Malt Barn - Grist Mill - Sawmill - Lathe Room
   Malt Kiln
   Distillery - Brewery - Storehouse
   Beer Cellar
   West Lime Kiln
   Storage Cellar
   Boatyard - Boatshed
   Miller's Residence
   Stableman's Residence
   Horse Stable
   Ox Stable
   South Cow Barn
   North Cow Barn
   Lime House
   Prison Root House
   General Testing

Summary and Preliminary Discussion

References Cited


1 Location of Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba

2 Plan of Lower Fort Garry published by Robert Watson in 1928

3 Dominion survey of 1874

4 Site plan, Lower Fort Garry

5 Aerial photograph of Lower Fort Garry

6 Areaway along the west wall of the Big House

7 The interior of the fort before 1881

8 Birdseye view of fort enclosure, 1871

9 Birdseye view of fort enclosure, 1873

10 The Big House, ca. 1920

11 Fort interior, ca. 1911

12 Plan of the prison palisade

13 Profile of the prison palisade

14 Lower Fort Garry from the northeast, ca. 1871-80

15 Fort enclosure, 1880

16 Storehouse-barracks as excavated

17 Basement entranceway, east end, fur loft-retail store (left), 1857-58

18 The fort enclosure from the south as photographed by H.L. Hine in 1858

19 Plan, troop latrine

20 Southwest bastion, 1847

21 Smokehouse-oven foundations as viewed from southwest bastion

22 Plan, troop canteen

23 Blacksmith shops looking south

24 Plan, blacksmith shop I

25 Plan, blacksmith shop II

26 The mouth of the creek, 1847

27 Farm manager's residence looking west

28 Plan, farm manager's residence

29 Cottage and grain-flailing barn between 1883 and 1911

30 Riverfront, between 1883 and 1911

31 Grain-flailing barn looking north

32 Plan of roads in the south field

33 Industrial complex at creek mouth, 1847

34 Industrial complex at creek mouth, 1851

35 Industrial complex near creek mouth, 1851

36 The mouth of the creek north of the fort enclosure, ca. 1879-83

37 Malt barn-gristmill-sawmill-lathe room, distillery-brewery-storehouse

38 Plan of the malt barn complex

39 Plan of the malt kiln

40 The distillery-brewery-storehouse

41 Plan of the distillery-brewery storehouse

42 Storehouse depression along north bank of creek

43 Plan of the beer cellar

44 North-south profile, west lime kiln

45 Looking west across the excavated miller's residence

46 Plan of the miller's residence

47 The riverfront, 2 May 1920

48 Horse stable looking east

49 Plan, horse stable

50 Ox stable looking east

51 Plan of the ox stable

52 East-west profile, south cow barn

53 Plan, north cow barn

54 North cow barn showing log flooring

55 View into the entranceway, prison root house

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