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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 16

The Western European Coarse Earthenwares from the Wreck of the Machault

by K. J. Barton






The Coarse Earthenwares

     Type 1: Green-Glazed White-Fabric Ware
     Type 2: Slip-Decorated Red-Fabric Ware
     Type 3: Undecorated, Unglazed and Partly Glazed Red-Fabric Ware
     Miscellaneous Decorated and Undecorated Coarse Earthenwares


Appendix A. Microprobe Examination of Blackened Glaze on Earthenware from the Machault, by R. H. Packwood.

Appendix B. Thin-Section Examination and X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ceramic Sherds from the Machault, by R. J. Traill.

Appendix C. Supplementary Colour Descriptions of Coarse Earthenwares from the Machault, by G�rard Gusset.

References Cited


1. Results of X-Ray Fluorescence Analyses

2. Results of Electron Probe Microanalyses of Matrix of Sherds Nos. 1 and 7 and Slip of Sherd No. 7

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