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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 16

The Western European Coarse Earthenwares from the Wreck of the Machault

by K. J. Barton






The Coarse Earthenwares

     Type 1: Green-Glazed White-Fabric Ware
     Type 2: Slip-Decorated Red-Fabric Ware
     Type 3: Undecorated, Unglazed and Partly Glazed Red-Fabric Ware
     Miscellaneous Decorated and Undecorated Coarse Earthenwares


Appendix A. Microprobe Examination of Blackened Glaze on Earthenware from the Machault, by R. H. Packwood.

Appendix B. Thin-Section Examination and X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ceramic Sherds from the Machault, by R. J. Traill.

Appendix C. Supplementary Colour Descriptions of Coarse Earthenwares from the Machault, by Gérard Gusset.

References Cited


1. Results of X-Ray Fluorescence Analyses

2. Results of Electron Probe Microanalyses of Matrix of Sherds Nos. 1 and 7 and Slip of Sherd No. 7

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