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A History of Canada's National Parks
Volume II




Chapter 4 — National Parks Administration 1885-1973


Administration and Administrators
    Department of the Interior
        The Forest Parks
        First Parks Act
        Early Park Administrators
        First Commissioner of Parks
        Dominion Forest Reserves and Parks Act
        Dominion Parks Designated
        Parks Branch Established
        Early Park Policy
        Parks Branch Expansion
        Publicity and Information
        Parks System Expanded
        Federal-Provincial Agreements
        National Parks Act
        Transfer of Natural Resources
        The Depression Years
    Department of Mines and Resources
    Department of Resources and Development
        Ministerial Changes
        James Smart's Retirement
    Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources
        Personnel Changes in 1957
        Expansion of Park Development
        National Parks Reorganization
        Ministerial and Executive Changes
        Branch Reorganization, 1966
    Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
        Changes in Park Directorate
        Change in the Ministry
        Parks Personnel Appointments
        Regional Personnel
        Parks Service Changes
        Lands and Property Management
        Land Management Decentralized
        Programming and Co-ordination
        Expansion of Planning Division
        Prospective Park Areas Examined
        CORD Study Launched
        Byways and Special Places
        Canal Systems Absorbed
        Ordnance Lands Supervision
        Reorganization and Decentralization
        Headquarters Reorganization
        Senior Branch Personnel
        Support Services
        Regional Structure

Government by Regulation
    First Park Regulations
    Specialized Regulations
    Highway Traffic Regulations
    Building, Electrical and Sanitary Regulations
    Control of Natural Features
    Timber Regulations
    Game Regulations
    Wood Buffalo Park
    Forest Protection
    Grazing and Pasturing
    Fishing Regulations
    Businesses and Trades
    Camping Regulations
    Health and Welfare
    Zoning Regulations
    Signs and Canopies
    Townsite Designation
    Natural Gas Installation
    Telephone Regulations
    Theatre and Motion Picture Regulations
    Mineral Hot Spring Water
    Ice Regulations
    Boat-launching Fees
    Cemetery Regulations

Representation of Park Citizens
    Banff Advisory Council
    Jasper Advisory Council
    Waterton Park Council
    Chambers of Commerce

Proposals for Self Government
    Dissatisfaction at Jasper
    Institute of Local Government Study
    Business Licences
    Implementation of the Crawford Report
    Other Reports
    Autonomy Movement Revived

    I Directory of Ministers and Senior Officials of the
      Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
      and its Predecessors

    II Senior Officers of Parks Canada and its Predecessors

    III Division Heads of National Parks Services and its Predecessors

    IV Legislation Relating to the National Parks of Canada

Chapter 5 — Land and Lease Problems 1885-1973


Early Leasing Policy
    First Lease Form
    Renewal of Leases
    Decennial Review Inaugurated
    Revival of Lot Rental Review
    Rentals in Parks Other Than Banff

Housing for Veterans

Review of Land Rentals
    1950 Rental Review
    Disposal of Townsite Lots
    Lodge and Bungalow Camp Leases
    New Basis for Rental
    Lease Renewal Privileges Withdrawn
    Leasing of Cottage Sites Ended
    Longer Leases Wanted

Agitation for Lease and Rental Changes
    Crawford Report Recommendations
    New Rental Proposals

New Rental Formula Adopted
    New Policies Implemented
    More Changes Ahead

Effects of New National Park Policy
    National Park Policy Statement
    Study Committee Appointed
    Commercial Leaseholds
    Residents in Protest
    High Level Meeting

Proposed Leasehold Corporation

More Agitation for Lease Changes
    Legal Advice Engaged
    Alberta Government Enlisted
    Commons Committee Reviews Policy

Crown Involved in Court Action
    Court Decision Requested
    The Trial
    The Judgement

Aftermath of Court Decision
    Court Decision Appealed
    Renewal Leases Issued
    New Rental Formula
    Appraisal of Lands
    Increase in Rental
    Rental Review Board
    Rental Increase Deferred
    Appeal Board Personnel
    Board Hearings
    Rental Reviews Concluded

Postponement of Rental Increases
    Second Rental Deferment
    Parliamentary Secretary Involved
    Consultant's Study
    Increases are Forgiven

Further Lease Policy Changes
    Anomalies in Rentals
    Reinstatement of Perpetual Leases
    New Regulations Established
    Rental Increases Implemented
    Federal Court Appeals



©Published by Parks Canada under authority
of the Hon. J. Hugh Faulkner,
Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs,
Ottawa, 1977.

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