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A History of Canada's National Parks
Volume I





Chapter 1 — The Early Years (Up to 1900)


The National Park Idea

Early Exploration
    Missionary Travels
    The Palliser Expedition
    Dr. Hector's Discoveries
    Captain Palliser's Conclusions
    Postscript to Dr. Hector's Travels
    Exploration Beyond the Mountains

British Columbia Enters Confederation

Transcontinental Railway Projected
    Government Railway Construction
    Rogers Pass Selected
    Rocky Mountains Crossed

Scientific Exploration
    Hot Springs Discovered
    Claims of Ownership
    Assignment of Claims
    Public Reservation Recommended
    Hot Springs Reservation
    Public Inquiry Instituted
    Public Hearing at Banff
    Evidence of the Claimants
    Earliest Discovery Claimed
    Commissioner Pearce's Recommendations

Development of the Springs Proposed
    First Park Surveys
    Access to the Cave

Park Legislation Initiated
    Debate in the Commons
    National Park Established

Early Visitor Amenities
    Banff Townsite Takes Form
    Access to Scenic Areas
    Measures for Conservation
    National Park Attractions

Administrative Changes
    The Banff Lot Scandal
    New Superintendent Appointed

The Lake Louise Reservation

More Park Reserves
    Yoho and Glacier Reserves
    Waterton Lakes Forest Park
    Waterton's First Resident
    Park is Established

Park Idea Confirmed


Chapter 2 — Expansion in the West (1900 to 1972)


Banff National Park
    The Park is Enlarged
    A New Parks Act
    More Boundary Changes
    Latest Adjustment in Area
    The Automobile Arrives
    Improvements at Banff
    Campground Extension
    Winter Sports Activity

Yoho National Park
    Yoho Valley Explored
    Park Reserve Established
    Yoho Becomes a Park
    Park Development Commenced
    Hotels and Lodges
    Park Administration
    Highway Access Improved
    The Monarch Mine

Glacier National Park
    Glacier House and Station
    Alpine Centre
    Glacier Park Enlarged
    Nakimu Caves Discovered
    Cave and Trail Development
    The Connaught Tunnel
    Visitor Travel Declines
    Avalanche Control
    Park Buildings
    New Visitor Accommodation

Waterton Lakes National Park
    Larger Park Recommended
    Kootenay Lakes Forest Reserve
    Waterton Lakes Park Created
    Park Area Enlarged
    Townsite Surveyed

Elk Island National Park
    Reserve for Elk
    Buffalo Herd Purchased
    Increase in Buffalo
    Eradication of Disease
    Wood Buffalo Introduced
    Park Area Increased
    Latest Park Extension
    Private Land Purchase
    Park Development
    Works Compound
    Road Construction
    Recreational Facilities Provided
    Drive-in Buffalo Enclosure
    Ukrainian Museum

Jasper National Park
    Forest Park Established
    Early History of the Region
    Railway Construction
    Townsite Surveyed
    Park Boundaries Altered
    Highway Development
    Visitor Accommodation
    Recreational Features
    The Palisades Ranch

Mount Revelstoke National Park
    Early Park Visitors
    Park is Established
    Road to Summit
    Boundaries are Extended
    Trans-Canada Highway
    Mountain Road Rebuilt
    Park Development
    Visitor Accommodation
    Winter Sports Development

Kootenay National Park
    Mountain Highway Planned
    Early Road Construction
    Terms of the Agreement
    Completion of the Road
    Expropriation by the Crown
    Development at the Springs

Wood Buffalo National Park
    Early Protective Measures
    Buffalo Range Investigated
    Wood Buffalo Park Created
    Buffalo Policy Criticized
    Infectious Diseases
    Whooping Crane Located
    Resource Exploitation
    Indian Rights
    Road Development
    Boundary Changes Proposed
    Changes in Park Administration

Prince Albert National Park
    Animal Park Proposed
    National Park Established
    Early Exploration
    Park Development
    Park Boundaries Extended
    Boundary Change Proposed
    Residential Subdivisions
    Highway Improvement
    Year-Round Administration
    Campground Extension
    Grey Owl's Activities

Riding Mountain National Park
    First Park Proposals
    Riding Mountain Favoured
    Whiteshell Area Examined
    Early Exploration
    Park Development Initiated
    Visitor Amenities Provided
    Campgrounds Popular
    Winter Recreation
    Resource Development
    Later Improvements
    Land Acquisition

Chapter 3 — Parks of Eastern Canada (1904 to 1972)


St Lawrence Islands National Park
    Early Island Parks
    Administration Transferred
    Park Extensions
    Historical Associations
    First Visitors
    St. Lawrence Islands Bridge
    Superintendent Appointed
    Broder Park Withdrawn
    Additional Land Required
    Islands are Purchased

Point Pelee National Park
    Early History
    Naval Reserve Established
    First Legal Survey
    Gun Club Lease
    Natural Resources Exploited
    Scientific Studies
    National Park Endorsed
    Administrator Appointed
    Real Estate Promotion
    Roads Taken Over
    Encroachments on Land
    Crown's Title Confirmed
    Park Development
    Park Planning
    Land Acquisition Program
    Additional Conservation Measures
    Park Planning Progress
    Duck-hunting Permitted

Georgian Bay Islands National Park
    Indian Occupation
    Explorers and Missionaries
    Iroquois Invasions
    Archaeological Research
    Beausoleil Island Settled
    Indian Legends
    National Park Advocated
    Island Park Established
    Park Development
    Post-War Activity
    Campground Extension
    Youth Camp Development
    Flowerpot Island
    Caves Investigated

Cape Breton Highlands National Park
    National Park Promoted
    Cape Breton Park Established
    Adjustment of Boundaries
    Early History
    Park Development
    The Cabot Trail
    Post-War Development
    Highway Improvement
    Visitor Accommodation
    Campground Development
    The Lone Shieling
    Wildlife Repopulation
    Winter Recreation
    Future Extensions

Prince Edward Island National Park
    Inspection of Sites
    Park Establishment
    Early History
    First Developments
    Dalvay by the Sea
    Green Gables
    Administration Building
    The Gulf Shore Road
    Visitor Accommodation
    Lifeguard Service
    Erosion Control
    Land Acquisitions

Fundy National Park
    Early Representations
    Proposed Sites Examined
    The Park Established
    Early History
    Park Development
    Townsite and Cottage Subdivisions
    Visitor Accommodation
    Water Systems
    Swimming Pool
    Golf Course
    Other Attractions
    Sport Fishing
    Arts and Crafts
    Potato Research Station
    Future Extensions

Terra Nova National Park
    Early Park Proposals
    Boundary Negotiations
    Forest Resources Considered
    Provincial Reports
    Agreement is Reached
    Early History
    Early Development
    Park Buildings
    Visitor Accommodation
    Official Opening
    Highway Development
    Camping Amenities
    Picnic Areas
    Sandy Pond Day-use Area
    Forest Protection
    Water and Power
    Park Interpretation
    The Future

Kejimkujik National Park
    Early Park Proposals
    The Park Takes Form
    Indian Occupation
    Pioneer Settlement
    The Resort Period
    Park Development
    Staff Accommodation
    Highway Construction
    Campground Development
    Day-use Areas
    Forest Protection
    Interpretation Service
    The Fish Hatchery
    Official Opening
    The Future

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of the Hon. Warren Allmand,
Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs,
Ottawa, 1976.

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