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Tourism booklets are...not fine-tuned histories written by historians. Yet, they are stories, making connections between past and present, and between nature and culture. Many of the guide books, especially the older ones, present accounts of the history of the parks system, or are written in the form of stories guiding the visitor through the park. They use the narrative form in telling the story of the park, chronicling its history, presenting its purpose and attractions.

Promotional publications by the National Parks Branch are excellent examples of reframing the past and present and redefining the nature (and culture) within the parks. The narrative accounts they contain imply choices that have been made regarding how much is included of the natural and cultural sides of national parks.

Created with varying degrees of consideration for their natural environment, national parks and their appearance are often made to seem as natural, as predetermined as possible. This is shaped and reinforced by the image given by travel literature.

Promotional pamphlets on national parks, then, are important in showing the changing articulations of the idea of national parks by the National Parks Branch, in shaping the public’s view of national parks and their nature, as well as responding to the expectations placed on parks by society.

from Scenic Playgrounds to Museum of Nature:
Canadian National Parks Branch and the Portrayal of
National Parks in Promotional Literature, 1911-1970
Paula Johnna Saari
December 2012

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