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Ecosystem Reports / Rapports de l'écosystème

Ecosystem Reports / Rapports de l'écosystème

The following list does not reflect all titles that were produced by Parks Canada in this series. Electronic copies of selected titles will be available online in the future.

Ecosystem Monitoring and Data Reports / Rapport de surveillance et de données relatives aux écosystèmes
1Morrison, Ian. A study of head started Blanding's turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) hatchlings in Kejimkujik National Park (c1996)
2Clay, Douglas. A Checklist (With Codes) of the Vascular Plants, Lichens and Bryophytes of Fundy National Park (1996)
3Bradford, R. G. Winter Distribution of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) and Associated Environmental Conditions in Kouchibouguac National Park During 1996-1997 (1998)
4Robinson, M. Plankton Community Structure and Productivity in the Kouchibouguac National Park Estuaries: Part I. Preliminary Results From the Ice-Free Season, 1997 (1998)
5Flemming, Stephen. Review of Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) Monitoring Data in Prince Edward Island National Park (1980-1996) (2000)
6Beaudet, Audrey. Inventaire des moules d'eau douce dans les rivières Kouchibouguac, Kouchibouguacis, et Black du Parc national Kouchibouguac, Nouveau-Brunswick (2002)
7Welch, David M. Atmospheric Science and Air Issues in Canada's National Parks, 2001 (2002)
8Selva, Steven B. Survey of Epiphytic Lichens of Late Successional Northern Hardwoods Forests in Northern Cape Breton Island (2004)
9Mazerolle, Marc J. Night Driving Surveys as an Amphibian Monitoring Technique in Kouchibouguac National Park, 1995-2002 (2003)
Ecosystem Science Review Reports / Rapports sur les revues de la science des écosystèmes
1Flemming, Stephen P., ed. Using population viability analysis in ecosystem management af Fundy National Park : proceedings of Conserving Species Dependent on Older Forests : a Population Viability Workshop, held at Fundy National Park, Canada, October 26-18, 1993 (1996)
2Clay, Douglas and John Brownlie. Status of amphibians and reptiles of Fundy National Park and its greater ecosystem (1997)
3Tremblay, Eric. Proceedings of a Workshop on Research, Monitoring and Natural Resource Management in the Greater Kouchibouguac Ecosystem: November 23-24, 1995, Habitant Motel & Restaurant, Richibucto, N.B. (1996)
4Thomas, A.W. Status of butterflies of Fundy National Park and its greater ecosystem (c1997)
5Munro, Neil, ed. Protected areas in our modern world : proceedings of a workshop held as part of the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Montreal, Canada, October 18 & 21, 1996 (c1997)
6Clay, Douglas and Peter Deering. Introduction to Fundy National Park, the Greater Fundy ecosystem, and the Fundy model forest (c1997)
7Christie, David S. Status of the avian community of Fundy National Park and its greater ecosystem (c1997)
8Clay, Douglas. Ecosystem monitoring, data management and QA/QC in park science (c1997)
9Cooper, Laurie Armstrong and Douglas Clay. History of logging and river driving in Fundy National Park : implications for ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems (1997)
10Ruitenberg, Arie A. Geology, soils and climate of Fundy National Park and its greater ecosystem : the effects of vegetation (1997)
11Anions, Douglas W. and Antony R. Berger, eds. Assessing the state of the environment of Gros Morne National Park : proceedings of a workshop on environmental research and monitoring held at Gros Morne National Park, Canada, Nov. 7-9, 1996 (c1998)
12Klassen, Greg. Proceedings of a Workshop on Estuaries in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence: Kouchibouguac National Park, November, 13-15, 1996 (1998)
13Forbes, G. and E. Daigle, eds. Black bear ecology and management issues for Atlantic Canadian national parks : proceedings from the Parks Canada Atlantic Region Black Bear Workshop (c1999)
14Payne, R.J. and Per Nilsen. Human Use Management Science in Parks Canada (unpublished)
15David Cote, Renee Wissink and Mark Simpson. Northwest River Atlantic salmon : a discussion of management options available to Terra Nova National Park (2001)
16Reagan, Sutherland. Status of Freshwater Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of Fundy National Park and its greater ecosystem (publication cancelled)
17Welch, David. Geoindicators for monitoring Canada's national parks : a proposal (2002)
18Berger, Antony R. and David G. Liverman, eds. Geoindicators for ecosystem monitoring in parks and protected areas (2002)
19Scott, Daniel J. Climate Change and Canada's National Park System: Scenarios & Impacts (2003)
20Munro, Neil W.P. Local air pollution sources and Canadian national parks : an ecozone focussed summary (2005)
Technical Reports in Ecosystem Science / Rapports techniques en matière de sciences des écosystèmes
1Kalff, Sarah A. A Proposed Framework to Assess Cumulative Environmental Effects in Canadian National Parks (1995)
2Keith, Todd L. The Cumulative Effects of Development and Land Use at Prince Edward Island National Park (1996)
3d'Entremont, Andre A. An Evaluation of Mercury Contamination at the Fundy National Park Golf Course (1996)
4Power, Randal G. Forest Fire History and Vegetation Analysis of Terra Nova National Park (1996)
5Dumond, M. Densité, répartition et alimentation du coyote (Canis latrans) au Parc National Kouchibouguac de novembre 1994 à mars 1995 (1997)
6Corbett, Gary Neil. A review and management plan for the freshwater aquatic resources of Prince Edward Island National Park (1998)
7Corbett, Gary Neil. Conservation of the Endangered Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) in Canada's National Parks (1997)
8Poussart, Catherine. Impact of Seagull Presence on the Reproductive Success and Vigilance Behaviour of Common Terns in Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick (1997)
9Kalff, Sarah. Cumulative Effects Assessment Study: Kouchibouguac National Park (1998)
10Basquill, Sean. Moose (Alces alces) Browse Availability and Utilization in Cape Breton Highlands National Park (1997)
11Clay, Douglas. Can Permanent Sample Plots Conducted by Non-Foresters Be Used for Monitoring? (1997)
12Robinson, M. A Preliminary Survey of the Early Life History of Striped Bass (Morone Saxatilis) in the Kouchibouguac Estuary in 1996 (1998)
13Crossland, Donna. Recent fire history of Kouchibouguac National Park (1998)
14Mazerolle, Marc J. Distribution et interactions intraspécifiques et interspécifiques chez les salamandres Eurycea bislineata bislineata (Green) et Plethodon cinereus (Green) en habitat riverain à l'intérieur du Parc national Kouchibouguac, Nouveau-Brunswick (1998)
15Stapleton, C. A. The Distribution and Potential for Invasiveness of Some Non-Native Vascular Plants in Northern Cape Breton (1998)
16Le Blanc, Léophane. Inventaire et analyse comparative des populations des la mye commune, mya arenaria, au Parc national Kouchibouguac (1998)
17Thomas, A. W. Biodiversity survey of moths of Fundy National Park: 1: A checklist of the macromoths of Fundy National Park, and its greater ecosystem (1998)
18d'Entremont, A. Mercury Concentrations in Brook Trout and White Perch From Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia (1998)
19Clay, Douglas. Biodiversity Survey of Moths of Fundy National Park (1999)
20Burdett, Wanda, Beth Pollock and Stephen Flemming. The domestic timber harvest in Gros Morne National Park of Canada (1983-2003) : a review of harvest patterns and possible interpretations (c2005)
21MacQuarrie, Kate. A Floral Inventory of the Western Area, Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park (1999)
22Corbett, Gary. Angler Survey and Catch Census Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1996 (c2000)
23Hermann, Marianne and Kate MacQuarrie. Analysis of the rate and direction of sand dune movement of the Greenwich Adjuncy of PEI National Park (1935-1997) (unpublished)
24Brunelle, Paul-Michael. Distribution of Damselflies and Dragonflies (Odonata) of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada (2000)
25Mazerolle, Marc J. Amphibian Distribution and Activity in Kelly's Bog, Kouchibouguac National Park (1999)
26Clay, Douglas. Biodiversity survey of moths of Fundy National Park. 2. Site descriptions and seasonal occurrences of moths in the Fundy Highlands of the Acadian Forest Ecoregion (2000)
27Sloan, N. A. and P. M. Bartier. Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas. I: Marine Plant Baseline to 1999 and Plant-related Management Issues (2000)
28Klassen, G.J., S. McGladdery, E. Tremblay. Abundunce and seasonal distribution of parasites of the three spined stickleback (Gasterosteus) in the Kouchibouguac Estuary, Kouchibouguac National Park (unpublished)
29Basquill, Sean P. The History and Ecology of Fire in Kejimkujik National Park (2001)
30MacQuarrie, Kate. A Floral Inventory of the Central and Schooner Pond Areas of Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park (2001)
31Carter, Jennifer. Mercury Concentrations in Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) (2001)
32Robinson, M., S. Courtenay, T. Benfey and E. Tremblay. The Fish Community and Use of the Kouchibouguac and Richibucto Estuaries by Striped Bass During the Spring and Summer of 1997 and 1998 (2001)
33Freedman, Bill. Ecological Conditions at the Grand-Pré National Historic Site (2001)
34Dumond, Mathieu. Anthropogenic Influence on Coyote: winter movements in eastern New Brunswick (2001)
35Sloan, N. A. Living marine legacy of Gwaii Haanas. II: marine invertebrate baseline to 2000 and invertebrate-related management issues (2001)
36Harfenist, A., N.A. Sloan and P.M. Bartier. Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas. III: Marine Bird Baseline to 2000 and Marine Bird-related Management Issues throughout the Haida Gwaii Region (2002)
37Giberson, D. J. Species Composition, Distribution, and Seasonal Patterns of Dragonflies and Damselflies of Prince Edward Island National Park (2003)
38Heise, K. A. Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas. IV: Marine Mammal Baseline to 2003 and Marine Mammal-Related Management Issues Throughout the Haida Gwaii (2003)
39Golumbia, T.E. and P.M. Bartier. The bryophytes of Haida Gwaii : a baseline species inventory, review and analysis (2004)
40Burles, D.W. Native Land Mammals and Amphibian of Haida Gwaii with Management Implications for Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site (2004)
41Cote, D. et. al. Fish passage and stream habitat restoration in Terra Nova National Park highway culverts (2004)
42Sloan, N. A. Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas. V: Coastal Zone Values and Management around Haida Gwaii (2006)
43Coté, D. Using stewardship, long term monitoring and adaptive management to restore the Atlantic salmon population of the Northwest River (2005)
45Gallant, Daniel. Évaluation statistique et optimisation du programme demonitoring la mye commune (Mya arenaria) au parc national du Canada Kouchibouguac (2006)
47Golumbia, T. E. Terrestrial Plant Communities and Ecosystems of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site (2007)
48Haggart, James W. Paleontological Resources of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia (2007)

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