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Farmers "making good": The Development of Abernethy District, Saskatchewan, 1880-1920
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Les fermiers «font fortune» L'évolution économique et sociale du district d'Abernethy, Saskatchewan de 1880 à 1920
Studies in Archaeology, Architecture, and History/Études en archéologie, architecture et histoire
(Lyle Dick, Parks Canada, 1989)

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The Co-operative Movement on the Prairies, 1900-1955 / Le mouvement coopératif dans les Prairies, 1900-1955
(Ian MacPherson, Canadian Historical Association Booklet No. 33, 1979)
Louis Riel: Patriot or Rebel? / Louis Riel: patriote ou rebelle?
(George F.G. Stanley, Canadian Historical Association Booklet No. 2, 1979)

Welcome / Bienvenue! The History of Parks Canada Electronic Library is a portal to electronic publications covering the cultural and natural history of the Canadian national park system, which includes 46 national parks/reserves, one urban park, over 970 historic sites (171 of which are administered by Parks Canada, which includes nine heritage canals), four marine conservation areas/reserves, and one landmark, along with documents from the history of the agency that has been entrusted to manage this system: Parks Canada/Parcs Canada.

This Website is not affiliated with the Government of Canada/Parks Canada, but is an independent effort to showcase the history of the Parks Canada Agency and the Canadian National Park and Historic Site System.

The information contained in this Website is historic in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official Parks Canada/Parcs Canada Websites for current information.

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In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, throughout 2017 we will be highlighting the national parks and national historic sites of each province and territory — areas that have been set aside to help capture the unique natural history and rich cultural heritage of Canada.


(Areas managed by Parks Canada / Zones gérées par Parcs Canada)
Canada 150
National Parks / Parcs nationaux
Grasslands / Prairies
Prince Albert / Prince Albert
National Historic Sites / Lieux historiques nationaux
Batoche/ Batoche
Battle of Tourond's Coulee/Fish Creek / Bataille-de-la-Coulée-des-Tourond — Fish Creek
Cypress Hills Massacre / Massacre-de-Cypress Hills
Fort Battleford / Fort-Battleford
Fort Espérance / Fort-Espérance
Fort Livingstone / Fort-Livingstone
Fort Pelly / Fort-Pelly
Fort Walsh / Fort-Walsh
Frenchman Butte / Frenchman Butte
Motherwell Homestead / Homestead-Motherwell

Please consult Park Summaries / Résumés parc for a complete list including site descriptions.

New eLibrary Additions

Farmers "making good": The development of Abernethy District, Saskatchewan, 1880-1920 / Les fermiers «font fortune» L'évolution économique et sociale du district d'Abernethy, Saskatchewan de 1880 à 1920 Studies in Archaeology, Architecture, and History/Études en archéologie, architecture et histoire (Lyle Dick, Parks Canada, 1989)

Lanark Place: Memories of an Ontarian West, Motherwell Homestead National Historic Park (Rob Gillespie and Lyle Dick, Parks Canada, 1983)

Agriculture on the Prairies, 1870-1940 History and Archaeology 65 (David Spector, Parks Canada, 1983)
     Animal Husbandry on the Canadian Prairies, 1880-1925
     Field Agriculture on the Canadian Prairies, 1870-1940
     W.R. Motherwell's Farming Operations

Motherwell Historic Park History and Archaeology 66 (Parks Canada, 1983)
     Motherwell Historic Park: Structural and Use History of the Landscape and Outbuildings (Ian Clarke)
     W.R. Motherwell's Stone House: A Structural History (Lyle Dick)
     A Materials History of the Motherwell Home (Sarah Carter)

Parc historique Motherwell Histoire et archéologie 66 (Parcs Canada, 1983)
     Parc historique Motherwell: Histoire des bâtiments de la ferme, de leur rôle et de l'aménagement du paysage (Ian Clarke)
     La maison de pierre de W.R. Motherwell: histoire d'un bâtiment (Lyle Dick)
     Histoire matérielle de la maison de Motherwell (Sarah Carter)

From Wood Mountain to the Whitemud: A Historical Survey of the Grasslands National Park Area / De Wood Mountain à Whitemud : étude historique de la région du Parc national des Prairies (Donald M. Loveridge, Parks Canada, 1983)

Structural and Settlement History of Batoche Village / Etude structurale et du peuplement du village de Batoche (Diane Payment, Parks Canada, Draft 1977)

Management Plan, Fort Battleford National Historic Park (Parks Canada, 1988)

Management Plan, Fort Walsh National Historic Site (Parks Canada, 1993)

Archéologie et commerce des fourrures: les fouilles au fort Éturgeon en Saskatchewan Histoire et archéologie 7 (Norman F. Barka and Anne Barka, Parcs Canada, 1976)

The Motherwell Farmstead, Artifact Distribution Analysis Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 275 (Gary Adams, Parks Canada, 1978)

Motherwell Homestead: Archaeological Feature Report Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 276 (Gary Adams, Susan Glover and Mark Warrack, Parks Canada, 1978)

The North-West Mounted Police 1873-1893, Volume I (John Peter Turner, 1950)

The North-West Mounted Police 1873-1893, Volume II (John Peter Turner, 1950)

Management Plan, Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park / Plan directeur, du parc marin du Saguenay-Saint-Laurent (Parks Canada and Gouvernement du Québec, 2010)

Brochures/Booklets: Fundy (1962), Point Pelee/Georgian Bay Islands/St. Lawrence Islands/Fort Malden/Fort Wellington (c1949), Point Pelee, Banff (1922), Quttinirpaaq (1994) (Parks Canada)

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