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Welcome / Bienvenue! The History of Parks Canada Electronic Library is a portal to electronic publications covering the cultural and natural history of the Canadian National Parks System, which includes 46 national parks/reserves, one national urban park, 978 national historic sites (171 of which are administered by Parks Canada, which includes nine heritage canals), four national marine conservation areas/reserves, and one national landmark, along with documents from the history of the agency that has been entrusted to manage this system: Parks Canada/Parcs Canada.

This Website is an independent effort and is not affiliated with the Government of Canada/Parks Canada. The information contained in this Website is historical in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official Parks Canada/Parcs Canada Websites for current information.

New eLibrary Additions

Vimy Declaration for the Conservation of Battlefield Terrain / Charte de Vimy pour la conservation du terrain des champs de bataille historiques Draft (Natalie Bull, David Panton and John Schofield, from the First International Workshop on Conservation of Battlefield Terrain, December 18, 2001)

Domestic Life at Les Forges du Saint-Maurice / La vie domestique aux Forges du Saint-Maurice History and Archaeology 58 (Luce Vermette, Parks Canada, 1982)

The Fortifications of Île aux Noix : a portrait of the defensive strategy on the Upper Richelieu Border in the 18th and 19th centuries / Les fortifications de l'île aux Noix: Reflet de la stratégie défensive sur la frontière du Haut-Richelieu aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles Studies in Archaeology, Architecture and History/Études en archéologie architecture et histoire (André Charbonneau, Parks Canada, 1994)

Early Fortification Ditches at Ile-Aux-Noix, Quebec (1977) / Fossés des fortifications originales de l'île aux Noix, Québec. Vol. 1 (1979) History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 18a (Roger T. Grange, Parks Canada)

Early Fortification Ditches at Ile-Aux-Noix, Quebec (1977) / Fossés des fortifications originales de l'île aux Noix, Québec. Vol. 2 (1979) History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 18b (Roger T. Grange, Parks Canada)

The Archaeology of Fort Lennox, Ile-aux-Noix, Quebec, 1964 Season Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 190 (Norman F. Barka, Parks Canada, 1977)

The Archeology of Fort Lennox, Ile-Aux-Noix, Quebec, 1964 season History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 20 (Norman F. Barka, Parks Canada, 1978)

The Beads from Fort Lennox, Quebec History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 20 (Karlis Karklins, Parks Canada, 1978)

Excavation of the Porter's Cottage, Civilian Barracks/Straw Shed, Northern Mounds and Rampart at Fort Lennox National Historic Park, 1966 / Fouilles de la conciergerie, des casernes, du hangar à paille, des monticules nord et du rempart au parc historique du fort Lennox, en 1966 History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 19 (Roger T. Grange, Parks Canada, 1980)

Excavation of the Right Redoubt and Blockhouse, British fortifications at Ile aux Noix, Quebec / Fouilles de la redoute de droite et du blockhaus, fortifications britanniques sur l'île aux Noix, Québec History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 36 (Roger T. Grange, Parks Canada, 1982)

Cumulative Seriation and Ceramic Formula Dating: A Preliminary Study History and Archaeology 16 (R.T. Grange, Parks Canada, 1977)

Mr. Thomas McVey's Dwelling House: A Residence on Ile aux Noix, Quebec History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 35 (Roger T. Grange, Parks Canada, 1980)

Canada's National Park Motor Vehicle Licences, 1923 to 2015 (Clayton Rubec, August 2015)

Science Fiction or Science Fact? The Grizzly Bear Biology behind Parks Canada Management Models (Barry Cooper, Jason Hayes an Sylvia LeRoy, ©The Fraser Institute, December 2002)

Management Plan, Ivvavik National Park / Plan Directeur, Parc national du Canada Ivvavik (Parks Canada, 2018)

Management Plan, Chignecto Isthmus National Historic Sites of Canada / Plan Directeur, Lieux historiques nationaux du Canada de l'isthme de Chignetctou (Parks Canada, 2018)

Mineral Hot Springs in the National Parks of Canada (Parks Canada, 1967)

The Columbia Ice-Field (Parks Canada, 1950)

Atlantic: Guide to the Atlantic Provinces (Parks Canada, 1978)

Canada's National Parks - West (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1967)

Brochures: Banff (1968)Banff-Jasper Highway (c1950s)Kluane (1983)Hiking in Kluane (1985)Nahanni (1991)Trent-Severn Waterway (1977)Waterton Lakes (1950) (Parks Canada)

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