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History of Parks Canada Electronic Library & Archive

Welcome! The History of Parks Canada Electronic Library and Archive is a portal to electronic publications covering the cultural and natural history of the Canadian National Parks System, which includes 47 national parks/reserves, one national urban park, 1,001 national historic sites (172 of which are administered by Parks Canada, including nine heritage canals), four national marine conservation areas/reserves, and one national landmark, along with documents from the history of the agency that has been entrusted to manage this System: Parks Canada.

This Website is an independent effort and is not affiliated with the Government of Canada/Parks Canada. The information contained in this Website is historical in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official PARKS CANADA Website for current information.

Bienvenue! La Histoire de la bibliothèque électronique et archive de Parcs Canada est un portail de publications électroniques sur l’histoire culturelle et naturelle du réseau des parcs nationaux du Canada, qui inclut comprend 47 parcs nationaux / réserves, un parc urbain national, 1,001 lieux historiques nationaux (dont 172 sont administrés par Parcs Canada, y compris neuf canaux du patrimoine), quatre aires marines de conservation nationales, un point de repère national, ainsi que des documents de l'histoire de l'agence chargée de gérer ce système: Parcs Canada.

Ce site Web est un effort indépendant et n'est pas affilié au gouvernement du Canada / Parcs Canada. Les informations contenues sur ce site Web ont une portée historique et ne constituent pas une aide à la planification de voyages ; veuillez consulter le site Web officiel de PARCS CANADA pour obtenir des renseignements à jour.

Histoire de la bibliothèque électronique et archive de Parcs Canada


International Biosphere Reserve: MAB in Preparation in Eastern Carpathians (Zygmunt Denisiuk, Stiepan Michailowitsh Stoyko and Jan Terry, Date Unknown)

Appraisal Report: Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (Ukraine) (Hervé Lethier, 2012)

Formation of Inter-Species Links in Ungulates in the Azov-Sivash National Nature Park (V.M. Smagol, O. G. Babich, V. K. Kaminetskyi, V. L. Yarysh and V. O. Smagol, extract from Vestnik Zoologii, Vol. 53 No. 3, 2019)

First records of oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) of Mezin National Nature Park (Ukraine) (O.S. Shevchenko, extract from Ukrainska Entomofaunistyka, Vol. 7 No. 4, 2016)

Находка Pterostichus aterrimus (Herbst, 1784) (Соleорtега: Carabidae) в Мезинском национальном природном парке (Украина) (Н. В. Назаров , extract from Ukrainska Entomofaunistyka, Vol. 7 No. 2, 2016)

Technical Evaluation of World Heritage Nominations of: Holy Tops, Polissian Swamps and Slovechno-Ovruch Range, Kaniv's Hills, Karadag, Podillian Ridge (Ukraine) and Kaieteur National Park (Guyana) (UNESCO, June 2001)

The protected area as a tourism eco-brand / Природоохоронна територія як туристичний екобренд (Svitlana V. Melnychenko, Hanna I. Mykhaylichenko, Yuliia B. Zabaldina, Sergiy S. Kravtsov and Svitlana S. Skakovska, extract from Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, Vol. 30 No. 1, 2021)

Conservation and research of mammal fauna of the Carpathian National Nature Park (Kasianchuk Ivanna, Date Unknown)

Protection of the Most Valuable Nature Objects in the Territory of the Uzhansky National Nature Park (Stepan Stoyko, Ivan Ivanega and Vasyl Kopach, extract from Roczniki Bieszczadzkie, 2009)

Alien plants of the Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park (Ukraine) (Lyudmila G. Lyubinska, extract from Biodiversity Research and Conservation, Vol. 15, 2009)

Wild Rosa L. taxa of the National Nature Park 'Podilskyi Tovtry' (Podolian Hills, Western Ukraine) (Anna Sołtys-Lelek and Halyna Oliіar, extract from Biodiversity Research and Conservation, Vol. 40, 2015)

The geographic analysis of the flora of Biloozersky National Nature Park (Ukraine) (Оlesya A. Yarova and Mykola M. Fedoronchuk, extract from Thaiszia - Journal of Botany, Volo. 25 No. 1, 2015)

Nature Interpretation Implementation in Ukraine: Final Report 2016 (Natalia Gudkova, 2016)

Ecological analysis of the flora of the Kremenets Mountains National Nature Park (on the example of the mountains Divochi Skeli, Strakhova, Masliatyn, Chercha, Zamkova, Bozha) (Nataliia Lisova, Myroslav Syvyj and Olena Volik, extract from E3S Web of Conferences, Vol. 280, 2021)

The current state of flora in the National Nature Park "Podilski Tovtry" (Ukraine) (L.G. Lyubinskа, O.V. Мudrak, D.V. Аndrusiak, G.V. Мudrak and T.V. Dushanovа, extract from Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, Vol. 11 No. 1, 2021)

Joint Slovak-Ukraine-Germany Beech Ecosystems as the World Natural Heritage (Ivan Vološčuk, extract from Ekológia (Bratislava), Vol. 33 No. 3, 2014)

Management of the nature conservation areas of Ukraine’s Polissya region based on the international experience (Alina Yakymchuk, Taras Mykytyn and Andriy Valyukh, extract from Problems and Perspectives in Management, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2017)

New eLibrary Additions
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©Parks Canada/Parcs Canada

Booklet: Elk Island National Park (Parks Canada, 1929)

Booklet: Elk Island National Park (Parks Canada, 1939)

Backgrounder: Interpretation and Communications in the Maligne Valley / Fiche d'information: Interprétation et communications dans le vallée de la Maligne (Parks Canada, 2017)

Backgrounder: Visitor Experience in the Maligne Valley / Fiche d'information: Expérience du visiteur dans le vallée de la Maligne (Parks Canada, 2017)

Rocky Mountain High: Revitalizing a historic chalet on Alberta's exquisite Maligne Lake restores a visionary's legacy / Majestueuses Rocheuses : La revitalisation d’un chalet historique sur le magnifique lac Maligne en Alberta fait revivre l’héritage d’un visionnaire (Mary Tastad, extract from Heritage Canada, Vol. XIV No. 4, 2011)

Tourism Decision-Making at Parks Canada (François Duclos, Parks Canada, December 12, 2018)

Abbot Hut Refuge Cabin Dismantling Photo Reference Package (Parks Canada, February 2022)

Every Place, A Story / À chaque lieu, son histoire (extract from Locale, Special Print Issue 2019/2020, ©National Trust of Canada)

Seeking Safe Harbour: The Law to Protect Heritage Lighthouses Turns 10 / Comment arriver à bon port? La Loi sur la protection des phares patrimoniaux a dix ans (Irene Galea, extract from Locale, Spring Print Issue 2020/2021, ©National Trust of Canada)

Cliffside Stories: How Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Feeds Todays Generations / Du côté des falaises : comment le précipice à bisons Head Smashed In continue de nourrir jusqu'à la génération actuelle (Todd Kristensen and Michael Donnelly, extract from Locale, Spring 2018, ©National Trust of Canada)

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