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Welcome! The History of Parks Canada Electronic Library is a portal to electronic publications covering the cultural and natural history of the Canadian National Parks System, which includes 47 national parks/reserves, one national urban park, 999 national historic sites (172 of which are administered by Parks Canada, including nine heritage canals), four national marine conservation areas/reserves, and one national landmark, along with documents from the history of the agency that has been entrusted to manage this System: Parks Canada.

This Website is an independent effort and is not affiliated with the Government of Canada/Parks Canada. The information contained in this Website is historical in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official Parks Canada Website for current information.

Bienvenue! La Histoire de la bibliothèque électronique de Parcs Canada est un portail de publications électroniques sur l’histoire culturelle et naturelle du réseau des parcs nationaux du Canada, qui inclut comprend 47 parcs nationaux / réserves, un parc urbain national, 996 lieux historiques nationaux (dont 172 sont administrés par Parcs Canada, y compris neuf canaux du patrimoine), quatre aires marines de conservation nationales, un point de repère national, ainsi que des documents de l'histoire de l'agence chargée de gérer ce système: Parcs Canada.

Ce site Web est un effort indépendant et n'est pas affilié au gouvernement du Canada / Parcs Canada. Les informations contenues sur ce site Web ont une portée historique et ne constituent pas une aide à la planification de voyages ; veuillez consulter le site Web officiel de Parcs Canada pour obtenir des renseignements à jour.

Histoire de la bibliothèque électronique de Parcs Canada

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©Parks Canada/Parcs Canada

Bow Valley Parkway Visitor Survey: Summer 2020 Final Report (CPAWS Southern Alberta, 2020)

The Affirmation of Witness: The Causes and Consequences of Canada's First National Internment Operations, 1914-1920 (Endowment Council of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund, 2011, ©CFWWIRF & The Kashtan Press)

The Banff-Windermere Highway (M.B. Williams, Dominion Parks Branch, 1924)

Jasper Trails (M.B. Williams, Dominion Parks Branch, 1930?)

The Geological Story of Jasper Park, Alberta, Canada (E.M. Kindle, Parks Canada, 1929)

The Kicking Horse Trail (M.B. Williams, Department of the Interior, 1930)

Rapid Ecosystem Change at the Southern Limit of the Canadian Arctic, Torngat Mountains National Park (Emma L. Davis, Andrew J. Trant, Robert G. Way, Luise Hermanutz and Darroch Whitaker, extract from Remote Sensing, Vol. 13, May 26, 2021)

Women in glaciology, a historical perspective (Christina L. Hulbe, Weili Wang and Simon Ommanney, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 56 No. 200, 2010, ©International Geological Society)

An imbalancing act: the delayed dynamic response of the Kaskawulsh Glacier to sustained mass loss (Erik M. Young, Gwenn E. Flowers, Etienne Berthier and Rebecca Latto, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 67 No. 262, 2021, ©International Geological Society)

Catastrophic Advance of the Steele Glacier, Yukon, Canada (L.A. Bayrock, 1966)

Characteristics of the last five surges of Lowell Glacier, Yukon, Canada, since 1948 (Alexandre Bevington and Luke Copland, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 60 No. 219, 2014, ©International Geological Society)

Geometric and thermal evolution of a surge-type glacier in its quiescent state: Trapridge Glacier, Yukon Territory, Canada, 1969-89 (Garry K.C. Clarke and Erik W. Blake, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 37 No. 125, 1991, ©International Geological Society)

Pleistocene Geology of the South-West Yukon Territory, Canada (Daniel B. Krinsley, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 5 No. 40, 1965. ©International Geological Society)

Post-Surge Temperatures in Steele Glacier, Yukon Territory, Canada (Garry K.C. Clarke and Gary T. Jarvis, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 16 No. 74, 1976, ©International Geological Society)

Recent volume and area change of Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon, Canada (Norah Foy, Luke Copland, Christian Zdanowicz, Mike Demuth and Chris Hopkinson, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 57 No. 203, 2011, ©International Geological Society)

Rock Glaciers of the Dalton Range, Kluane Ranges, South-West Yukon Territory, Canada (Peter G. Johnson and Diane Lacasse, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 34 No. 118, 1988, ©International Geological Society)

Survey of the Rusty Glacier Area, Yukon Territory, Canada, 1967-70 (S.G. Collins, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 11 No. 62, 1972, ©International Geological Society)

Terminus advance, kinematics and mass redistribution during eight surges of Donjek Glacier, St. Elias Range, Canada, 1935 to 2016 (William Kochtitzky, Hester Jiskoot, Luke Copland, Ellyn Enderlin, Robert McNabb, Karl Kreutz and Brittany Main, extract from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 64 No. 252, 2019, ©International Geological Society)

Thermal Effects of Crevassing on Steele Glacier, Yukon Territory, Canada (Gary T. Jarvis and Garry K.C. Clarke, extract from Journal of Glaciology, vol. 13 No. 68, 1974, ©International Geological Society)

National Parks and Historical Sites of Canada in Nunavut (Parks Canada, 2005)

Management Plan, Nahanni National Park Reserve / Plan Directeur, Réserve de parc national du Canada Nahanni (Parks Canada, 2021)

National Parks Traveler News

Park People: Conversation With a 'Park Bagger' (Jennifer Bain, June 29, 2021)

Parks Canada Shop Customers Support Conservation Projects (Jennifer Bain, June 28, 2021)

Boating The Historic Rideau Canal (Jennifer Bain, June 26, 2021)

Plans For Caribou Captive Breeding In Jasper Clear Hurdle (Jennifer Bain, June 24, 2021)

Park People: Conversation With a Historian (Meg Stanley) (Jennifer Bain, June 21, 2021)

Quebec Canal Wharf Resurfaced To Combat Flooding (NPT Staff, June 20, 2021)

Nahanni National Park Reserve Gets A New Management Plan (NPT Staff, June 16, 2021)

How Parks Canada Embraces Dialogic Interpretation (Jennifer Bain, June 15, 2021)

Tuktut Nogait National Park Turns 25 (Jennifer Bain, June 14, 2021)

Ontario Parks And Sites Prepare To Open (Jennifer Bain, June 11, 2021)

Gros Morne National Park Vetoes Spruce Budworm Spray Control Program (Jennifer Bain, June 10, 2021)

Survey Launched For Proposed Prince Edward Island Park Reserve (Jennifer Bain, June 8, 2021)

Tree-Planting Season Is Underway In Canadian Parks (Jennifer Bain, June 7, 2021)

Deadly Avalanche In Jasper National Park (NPT Staff, June 1, 2021)

La Mauricie National Park Seeks Input On Its Management Plan (Jennifer Bain, June 1, 2021)

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