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Welcome / Bienvenue! The History of Parks Canada Electronic Library is a portal to electronic publications covering the cultural and natural history of the Canadian National Parks System, which includes 46 national parks/reserves, one national urban park, 978 national historic sites (171 of which are administered by Parks Canada, which includes nine heritage canals), four national marine conservation areas/reserves, and one national landmark, along with documents from the history of the agency that has been entrusted to manage this system: Parks Canada/Parcs Canada.

This Website is an independent effort and is not affiliated with the Government of Canada/Parks Canada. The information contained in this Website is historical in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official Parks Canada/Parcs Canada Websites for current information.

New eLibrary Additions

Parks Canada Attendance 2017-18 / Fréquentation à Parcs Canada 2017-18 (Parks Canada, 2018)

The Architectural Heritage of the Rideau Corridor Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 105 (Barbara A. Humphreys, Parks Canada, 1973)

Analyse du matériel céramique du site acadien de Beaubassin (Opérations 7B1 à 7B8) Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 117 (Marcel Moussette, Parks Canada, 1970)

Excavations at Fort Meductic, New Brunswick Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 123 (Louis R. Caywood, Parks Canada, 1969)

1967 Report on Salvage Excavation at Fort Lennox, Ile-aux-Noix Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 133 (E. Frank Korvemaker, Parks Canada, 1968)

Salvage Excavations at Montmorency Park, Quebec City: 1967-1968 Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 133 (E. Frank Korvemaker, Parks Canada, 1968)

Inventaire des dessins architecturaux aux archives de l'université Laval History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 31 (Geneviève Guimont Bastien, Line Chabot et Doris Drolet Dubé, Parcs Canada, 1980)

Répertoire des marchés de construction et des actes de société des Archives nationales du Québec à Trois-Rivières, de 1760 à 1825 History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 33 (Christine Chartré, Jacques Guimont et Pierre Rancour, Parcs Canada, 1980)

Répertoire des inventaires et des inventaires après décès des Archives nationales du Québec à Trois-Riviêres, de 1760 à 1825 History and Archaeology/Histoire et archéologie 34 (Christine Chartré, Jacques Guimont et Pierre Rancour, Parcs Canada, 1980)

Commemorative Integrity Statement, Stanley Park National Historic Site (Parks Canada, November 2002)

Like Distant Thunder: Canada's Bison Conservation Story / Comme le tonnerre au loin: Historie de la conservation du bison du Canada (Lauren Markewicz, Parks Canada, 2017)

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society Strategic Plan 2014-2019 (Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society, November 2013)

Prince Edward Island National Park Bat Inventory and Monitoring 2015 — Technical Report (Jordi Segers, Scott McBurney, Lauren Grant and Hugh Broders, Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative for Parks Canada, January 2016)

Dendroglaciological Investigations at Saskatchewan Glacier, Banff National Park: A Preliminary Report Based on Field Investigations in September, 1999 (Dan Smith, University of Victoria for Parks Canada, 2000)

Report of the Reactive Monitoring Mission, 20 to 27 September 2009, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (Canada and USA) (Paul R. Dingwall and Kishore Rao, UNESCO/IUCN, c2009)

Towards a New Business Relationship: Waterpower on Parks Canada Agency Waterways — Report and Recommendations of the Federal Waterways Task Force (Ontario Waterpower Associates and Parks Canada, December 6, 2013)

Mountain Biking: A Review of the Ecological Effects — A Literature Review for Parks Canada-National Office (Visitor Experience Branch) Final Report (Miistakis Institute, February 2010)

Ecological Integrity Monitoring at Parks Canada (Dan Kehler and Eric Tremblay, Parks Canada, undated)

Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development to the House of Commons — Chapter 2: Ecological Integrity in Canada's National Parks / Rapport de la commissaire à l'environnement et au développement durable à la Chambre des communes — Chapitre 2: L'intégrité écologique dans le parcs nationaux du Canada (Office of the Auditor General of Canada, 2005)

Trees and Forests of Jasper National Park / Arbres et forêts du parc national Jasper (R.E. Stevens, R.M. Waldron, P.A. Logan and D. Dubé, Canadian Forestry Service, 1976)

Octave Crémazie 1827-1879 (Odette Condemine) / Émile Nelligan 1879-1941 (Paul Wyczynski) (National Library of Canada, 1979)

Land-Sea-People Management Plan, Gwaii Haanas / Plan directeur Terre, mer et gens, Gwaii Haanas Draft (June 2018)

Management Plan, Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site of Canada / Plan Directeur, Lieu historique national du Canada du Canal-de-Sault Ste. Marie Draft (Parks Canada, June 2018)

Evolution of the Victoria-Esquimalt Coast Defences, Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site of Canada / Évolution de la défense côtière de Victoria-Esquimalt, Park historique national du Canada Fort Rodd Hill (Parks Canada, undated)

Are We on Solid Ground? The Geology of Pacific Rim National Park / Sommes-nous sur de la terre ferme? La géologie du parc national Pacific Rim (Parks Canada, 1988)

Brochures: Alexander Graham Bell (Date Unknown, c1970s)Banff (1950)Banff-Jasper Highway (1950)La maison Bethune (1976)Cape Spear (1976)Carleton Martello Tower (Date Unknown, c1970s)Cartier-Brébeuf (1975)Castle Hill (1974)Coteau-du-Lac (1977)Robert W. Service (1974)Forges du Saint-Maurice (1976)Fort Amherst (Date Unknown, c1970s)Fort Anne (1974)Fort Beausejour (1976)Fort George (1977)Fort Malden (1977)Fort St. Joseph (1975)Fort Témiscamingue (1976)Fort Wellington (1974)Artillery Park (1976)Fortress of Louisbourg (Date Unknown, c1981)Grand Pré (1976)Halifax Citadel (1999)Pacific Rim (Date Unknown, c2010s)Port-Royal (1975)Port-Royal (1980)Prince of Wales Tower (Date Unknown, c1970s)Province House (1974)Rocky Mountain House (1972)Signal Hill (1974)St. Andrews Blockhouse (1976)The Canadian Inventory of Historic Building (1975)Enemy Aliens, Prisoners or War: Canada's First World War Interment Operations, 1914-1920 / Sujets d'un pays ennemi, prisonniers de guerre: les opérations d'intermement au Canada pendant la Primière Guerre mondiale, de 1914 à 1920 (Date Unknown)

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