Chambly Canal National Historic Site (©Parks Canada)

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Chambly Canal National Historic Site (©Parks Canada)
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New eLibrary Additions

Chambly Canal: 100 Years of Service, 1843-1943 (René L'Heureux, September 5, 1943)

The Chambly Canal: A Structural History of the Locks Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 170 (Sandra Gillis, Parks Canada, 1975)

Le canal Chambly: utilisation commerciale Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 346 (P.-André Sévigny, Parks Canada, 1978)

The Richelieu River: Valley of Memories Heritage Guide / Le Richelieu: route de mémoire: guide patrimonial (Alain Gelly, Christine Chartré and André Charbonneau, Parks Canada, 2012)

St. Peter's Canal: A Narrative and Structural History Manuscript Report Number/Travail inédit numéro 214 (Tony E. Walker, Parks Canada, 1973)

The Sault Ste. Marie Ship Canal, 1889-1985: Essays in Canal Building Technology Microfiche Report Number/Rapports sur microfiches numéro 297 (Robert W. Passfield, Parks Canada, 1986)

Canal Lock Design and Construction: The Rideau Canal Experience, 1826-1982 Microfiche Report Number/Rapports sur microfiches numéro 57 (Robert W. Passfield, Parks Canada, 1983)

Écluses #5 du canal de Lachine: Interventions archéologiques lors de la restauration et de l'aménagemenet du site des écluses #5 à Lachine, 1998-1999 Volume 1 - Rapport final (Groupe de recherches en histoire du Québec, Avril 2000)

Urban Domestic Servants in 19th-Century Canada / Les domestiques en milieu urbain canadien au XIXe siècle Studies in Archaeology, Architecture, and History / Études en archéologie, architecture et historie (Claudette Lacelle, Parks Canada, 1987)

Ancien palais de justice territorial, Fort Macleod, Alberta Collection Commémoration du patrimoine (G.E. Mills, Parcs Canada, 1988)

Maison Prescott : Starrs Point, Nouvelle-Écosse Collection Commémoration du patrimoine (Nathalie Clerk, Parcs Canada, 1987)

Guidelines for Media Products (Parks Canada, 2009)

Prince Edward Island National Park

Fact Sheets: Piping Plover: An Endangered Species, Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada, Sand Dunes: Eco-lessons from the National Parks in Atlantic Canada (Parks Canada, 2013)

Fiche d'information: Le pluvier siffleur: une espèce en péril, Le parc national du Canada de I'&lcirc;le-du-Prince-Édouard, Dunes: Écoleçons des parcs nationaux de la région de l'Atlantique (Parks Canada, 2013)

A survey of brucellosis and tuberculosis in bison in and around Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada (Stacy V. Tessaro, Lorry B. Forbes and Claude Turcotte, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v31, March 1990)

Review of the diseases, parasites and miscellaneous pathological conditions of North American bison (Stacy V. Tessaro, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v30, May 1989)

Brucellosis in Bison, Elk, and Moose in Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada (A.H. Corner and Robert Connell, Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine, v22(1), January 1958)

The Existing and Potential Importance of Brucellosis and Tuberculosis in Canadian Wildlife: A Review (Stacy V. Tessaro, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v27, March 1986)

Susceptibility of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and domestic sheep to pneumonia induced by bighorn and domestic livestock strains of Pasteurella haemolytica (D.K. Onderka, S.A. Rawluk and W.D. Wishart, Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, v24(4), October 1988)

Anthrax in bison in Wood Buffalo National Park (Eric Broughton, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v33(2), February 1992)

An Outbreak of Tularaemia In Beaver And Muskrat In Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta (E.V. Langford, Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science, v18(1), January 1954)

Bovine tuberculosis in elk (Cervus elaphus manitobensis) near Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, from 1992 to 2002 (V. Wayne Lees, Shelagh Copeland and Pat Rousseau, Candian Veterinary Journal, v44(1), Octoer 2003)

Increasing Mercury in Yellow Perch at a Hotspot in Atlantic Canada, Kejimkujik National Park (errata) (Brianna Wyn, Karen A. Kidd, Neil M. Burgess, R. Allen Curry and Kelly R. Munkittrick, Environmental Science & Technology, v44(23), December 2010)

Estimating Grizzly and Black Bear Population Abundance and Trend in Banff National Park Using Noninvasive Genetic Sampling (errata) (Michael A. Sawaya, Jeffrey B. Stetz, Anthony P. Clevenger, Michael L. Gibeau and Steven T. Kalinowski, PLos One, v7(5), 2012)

Aspects of the epidemiology of anthrax in Wood Buffalo National Park and environs (Robert S. Gainer and J. Robert Saunders, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v30(12), December 1989)

Infection of cattle with Brucella abortus biovar 1 isolated from a bison in Wood Buffalo National Park (L.B. Forbes and S.V. Tessaro, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v37(7), July 1996)

Learning from outbreaks of bovine tuberculosis near Riding Mountain National Park: Applications to a foreign animal disease outbreak (V. Wayne Lees, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v45(1), January 2004)

Brucellosis In Bison, Elk, and Moose In Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada (A.H. Corner and Robert Connell, Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science, v22(1), January 1958)

Anthrax in free-ranging bison in the Prince Albert National Park area of Saskatchewan in 2008 (Todd K. Shury, Canadian Veterinary Journal, v50(2), February 2009)

Genetic connectivity for two bear species at wildlife crossing structures in Banff National Park (Michael A. Sawaya, Steven T. Kalinowski and Anthony P. Clevenger, Proc. Biol. Sci., v281(1780), April 7, 2014)

Consequences of a Refuge for the Predator-Prey Dynamics of a Wolf-Elk System in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada (Joshua F. Goldberg, Mark Hebblewhite and John Bardsley, PLos One, v9(3), 2014)

Distribution and diversity of diatom assemblages in surficial sediments of shallow lakes in Wapusk National Park (Manitoba, Canada) region of the Hudson Bay Lowlands (Olivier Jacques, Frédéric Bouchard, Lauren A. MacDonald, Roland I. Hall, Brent B. Wolfe and Reinhard Pienitz, Ecology and Evolution, v6(13), July 2016)

Assessing Potential Habitat and Carrying Capacity for Reintroduction of Plains Bison (Bison bison bison) in Banff National Park (Robin Steenweg, Mark Hebblewhite, David Gummer, Brian Low and Bill Hunt, PLoS One, 2016)

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